Astrology, Your Mandala of Light for Awakening to your higher Potentials

Astrology, Your Mandala of Light for Awakening to your higher Potentials

By Dipali Desai

Astrology is a tool, best utilized for discovering your real Self/ Soul/Consciousness and awakening. People often ask me how can they remember what their Soul or wisdom Self has designed for their life. My reply is “get to know your Natal Chart.” The Natal Chart is a sacred Mandala of Light and potentials.

One of the beautiful things regarding Astrology is that it offers a blueprint into the individual’s Soul Potentials. In essence the Natal Chart “jogs” your memories (both on a linear and non-linear level) to put you on a more conscious course on your life path. Astrology consultations may offer awareness into cycles of healing, expansion/activity, relationship, stress reduction, love, healing/wellness and much more on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

Each person has free will whether to choose to consciously manifest the higher potentials on the path or resist and keep them dormant. Astrology serves to help “empower” the individual and spiritual seeker. You are fifty percent co-partner in actualizing your natal chart (or blueprint). A chart also gives you the opportunity to tap into your innate talents and gifts as well as viewing a bigger picture of reality.

When working with the Natal Chart (also known as the birth chart or blueprint), the individual discovers the personality (false identity, ego) base structure, innate strengths, weaknesses, and any other aspects that are creating off balance in either serving or not serving your highest good, path and purpose. With a focal point of helping you to realize the real Self also known as Soul or Consciousness has a deeper meaning and purpose for creating this as a part of your life experience.

You are not your identity! It is only a mask you wear. Come discover where the old conditioning limits you and how you can become free to truly express your Spirit/Soul’s potential in every day life. Explore the various levels spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical – which also are a part of the Natal Chart.

Awakening from the lethargic sleep state you become more aware of any False Identity’s / Ego’s interference in manifesting your potentials and evolving. An understanding of your personal chart may help you express more joyfully and with less suffering.

People have asked me if I need to use an astrology chart to share insights or awareness. The answer is no. As a channel, I bring through insights with or without using the astrological chart. The higher intuitive energy flows in regardless of the tool used or none used in a consultation. There is a lot going on a non-verbal and non-physical level.

Using an astrological chart provides a symbolic language, which offers a ‘comforting road-map of possibilities and potentials’ to the mind or conscious self. This creates a willingness to venture forward with awareness of the upcoming areas of focus or challenges. Astrology is both intuitive and logical and the symbolism tends to activate both sides of the brain. This sophisticated symbol system is doorway in to help the individual understand and offer empowerment on many levels.

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