Dare to find what fires you up

Spiritually speaking, have you taken the time to find out what really fires you up and turns you on? If you did in the past, great but what about right now? Have the courage to find out what turns up the flame of your inner fire and passion for life. You won’t find the same kind of fire by merely reading, thinking or burying your nose in books alone -it may start as an idea and stay lost in the head or mind.  It is more more like act, move, shake, groove and fan the flame, really get pumped up. Like you are moving through a great exercise routine.

Finding what inspires you, living your truth in the moment and acting on what you believe in.. is a great way to jump start things. How does it feel when you are magnetically drawn to what excites you, and the tiny flame increases into a blaze. What happens in your heart, does it soar or hum? When you really feel fired up.. you are full of life, color and aliveness. Have you noticed when you are fired it up and passionate it can be contagious – spreading like wild spiritual fire.

These words may remind you to follow your own truth. Yet words are limited aren’t they? The gap in between the words is where the limitless potential of the magic of the universe resides. In other words the gap in between thoughts – is where spirit is. The unexpected, the spontaneous the miraculous bubbles exist within that space. What are you waiting for? Ignite your fire and dive in.