Do you keep busy for the sake of keeping busy?

The title of this blog post is a common question and discussion I have with people. Have you ever experienced keeping busy for the sake of keeping busy?

There may be no real reason you do it except you that you have habitually trained yourself (and mind has control in this arena) to “just keep busy.” Or you may be using this type of habit or pattern to play peek-a-boo with long standing issue you don’t want to face. You could have seen this as the “norm” growing up, so you act this way without ever questioning it it is suitable for you. Is it possible?

This crazy “keeping busy for the sake of keeping busy” pumps energy into things, situations, projects that really may be insignificant to your overall wellbeing, spiritual path and purpose. Take stock for a moment. Do you do keep busy in an absent minded way? Do you just keep going a million miles an hour just because you think it’s helping you succeed in life? What perceptions keep you in this mode? What is “being busy” doing to the physical body? Imagine.

The indicators may be the body gets run down, fatigue sets in, irritations pile up, relationships suffer and yet you still don’t get the “messages” given to you by your own Spirit/Soul/Consciousness. It’s like you say; “were you talking to me?” Yes you! If you ever wanted to follow your intuition (instead of using psychic abilities towards being nosey into other people’s life) then this is the time isn’t it?

This is your chance to pause and listen.