Meditation in the Backyard

Contrary to the popular mindset, meditation is not about sitting in pretzel position, far away on a mountain top chanting OM all day long. Meditation can be done in variety of ways to fit the modern world. It first begins with having a curious outlook and willingness to experience something new. Meditation is beneficial to health, well-being and overall mental outlook. It restores and replenishes you as well as helps you to connect (or maintain ultimately) to your Spirit /Soul/Consciousness.

A quick and easy way to meditate begins with the intent. No goals or agendas, keep it straight forward and manageable. Don’t force yourself to sit there for five hours (you know what I mean – I’m talking to the extremists reading this blog post) on the first go. Start with five minutes instead and build from there. I’ve heard people want complicated techniques when they can’t master the simple way. Yes, the mind gets in the way with its planning process. The less pressure the easier it will be to let the Mind be out of the way. Don’t force the state of meditation. It’s like dipping a strawberry into warm chocolate – let it gently flow into the silky liquid and then its deliciously coated as it comes out. Take a bite of that sweet strawberry and people are taken into a heavenly state. How easy is that? You too will be in this blissful state as you return from a meditative space.

No excuses that you can’t meditate. It’s ok if yor aren’t trained by a master guru of meditation or don’t have latest trendy technique for meditation. No, you don’t need to know a mantra or have prayer beads on your wrist. Oh and you don’t have to have a perfectly quiet space to do it either. You don’t have to have sublime experiences such as seeing blazing lights or hearing voices or whatever. That’s not the goal.

Meditation helps you shift into a relaxed non-linear state of consciousness. It’s like soaking in a hot tub after a long physical workout – it soothes you. Sure you may have eureka moments of clarity. But really, begin with simplicity and let it naturally unfold.

How easy is easy?
It can be as simple as going out to your backyard and sitting on a chair or on a blanket on the grass. During the day or evening perhaps even at night under the stars. Relax the body and begin to breathe consciously from the belly. Slowly and easily. Don’t force the mind to relax nor the body. Allow yourself to rest. Let the worries of the mind be put in a basket and set aside (a metaphor to use with the mind that you will get back to the “stuff” in due time). Rest and be there. As you simply tune into breathing, the in flow and out flow you will feel a difference in the body and mind. Now listen. Listen to the sounds around you, the nuances that are there but you tend to not really hear on a day to day. Listen to your breath. Listen to the body. Listen to the still quiet voice within. Or simply Be without listening to anything.

This is a simple and quick meditation while connecting to Nature. As you come back from the meditative space know that you can carry that energy with you through the day or evening. There are a variety of ways to meditate. It does not have to be the same old thing. As you integrate this practice into your daily life, you may find that life is a living meditation too.