“Would listening to the Meditation help even if I fall asleep?” – Ask Dipali

Sometimes I struggle to stay awake to listen to a mediation – in this case I’m listening to your short free meditation from the Listen page on your website. Is it still effective if I listen to it while going to bed at night or in the afternoon if I nap and fall asleep to it? Will it still beneficial?

Response from Dipali:
Thank you for a wonderful question. I’m sure many other people have a similar concern.

Yes it is effective and beneficial – so continue to trust yourself and relax while enjoying a meditative journey. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level in mediation, a person still may fall asleep and totally relax during a meditation / journey. Your entire being including your subconscious receives an imprint of it or in other words registers the energy, vibration, sound, music from the Meditation as you hear the sound of my voice guiding through the journey. You will be enjoying the benefits while you sleep and rest. When you are fresh, and awake – listen to a meditation at that time to. You may see unique differences.

Your feedback is welcome. Thanks –

All the Best!