“Satori: Why does it fade away into a barely a trickle” – Ask Dipali

>> hoping you can shed some light on this question..
i have had these light body experiences, a satori, where it feels like GOD has filled me with light and also experiences of a vibrant radiant heart. Why does it always fade away to sometimes barely a trickle.

Response from Dipali:
One must learn to “sustain” the level of Buddha Consciousness. One may have varying levels of Satori- from a small quick spark to full permanent level Satori.

One way to view Satori is “seeing into One’s True Nature.”

A suggestion to permanent level is Right Effort.
Right Effort is the effort to understand the nature of this world, of our body, our mind, this life. When One puts this Truth and Wisdom into motion in life… much unfolds.

When one fully realizes ..Satori, the Mind rests, there are no more questions or need to place concepts around the state of Consciousness or the need to rush impatiently to achieve something.

It simply is. It is Pure Being. Quiet, Serene, Calm and Trusting.

Is your true Nature … doubts, fears, frustration, worries?

Seek to discover your Nature… and the inner mechanics regarding that which stimulates frustration in you. The mind instigates many doubts and generates cloaks of confusion as it feels out of control. In the vortex of doubts, fears and frustrations, one loses and drains much vital force.

Look carefully at your Mind’s thoughts regarding the concept of Enlightenment, Satori and the Emotions that are connected. Underneath the turbulence of thoughts and emotions therein lies more awareness and it is for you to uncover.

self inquiry and honesty:
What is the source of frustration?
What are the obstacles? And what are you willing to do to change how you think and feel?
Where do you need to walk and live, that which you speak of?

>>>> I can bring it back somewhat when i go deep into meditation but nothing like some of these other things that happen in the presence of enlightened people or other spontaneous awakening moments. what does it take to make it permanent and why does it always fade?

Some experiences are meant to flow, as such the tides symbolize the ebb and flow. Why allow the Mind to cling to any one given experience?

Do not try so hard to duplicate experiences, otherwise one is left in disappointment. Allow the waves of higher Consciousness to come in due course. Patience is a necessary ingredient- a true Master knows of this Truth and lives it.

As you carefully and quietly, review upon your own journey. The answer is there as to what it takes to sustain a permanent level awakening. Upon the earth plane, One must learn to integrate the meditative state of consciousness into waking daily consciousness.

Therein is the sustained Buddhic Consciousness.