Insight into Dream Symbolism: Fire

When we think of fire, it evoke feelings or thoughts of fear, danger, caution and pulling back. Within dream-time when a symbol of fire appears it can represent so many things. One level it can represent purification. Another level it can represent the Fire or Light of Spirit/Soul or Consciousness, and powerful alchemical transformative energy.

Fire itself is warming, heat, active and spontaneously. It is filled with many shades of orange, red, gold, yellow and so on. Sometimes fire symbolically represents vitality and the ability to act in accordance with what we feel passionate about. Fire can also represents sexual energy. On other levels Fire symbolism within a Dream can mean lust, anger, rage, over-heated situation, power struggle, dominance, aggression. I’ve also seen fire symbolizing Kundalini Energy within the energetic level of a person or the planet. If you were looking for a creative “spark” for a project or plan sometimes seeing the fire symbol within a dream can herald a time of excited, passionate creative energy flowing in.

When you see Fire symbol within the dream-state, don’t panic and interpert it as a literal meaning right away. Slow down, and seek further into other possible levels of manifestation.