“Stopping the circular motion of unhappiness” ~ Ask Dipali


I really desire love in my life, but don’t have a fulfilling love relationship in my life (partner-wise). It feels like a black hole, always feel like I’m missing something.  I believe that the right person will fill this gap and I will feel complete and in love the way I have always thought. It feels like I’m in this circular motion of unhappiness but not moving forward because no one so far has filled this the way I really want. I then go into emotions of sorrow, pain and sadness. I’m so tired of the see saw.  Help or suggestions are welcome. Thanks ~ T

Response from Dipali:

Hi T,
I suggest you stop looking for love outside of you and start searching for more of it inside of you. If you genuinely want real lasting happiness, it begins from the centerpoint which is you. You must feel full and complete inside. You have what it takes to fill the hole into wholeness or holiness with love.

Another person will enhance that state of consciousness. You may want to examine your belief and perception around love and healthy relationships. Social conditioning plays a huge role in teaching that love is from an outside source such as the “perfect” love or relationship. This is false and can be an endless quest that always ends in a circular motion of perpetual unhappiness.