Wake Up Call; the Zen Alarm

Waking up in the morning, when the alarm clock loud buzzer  goes off, and you reach over and the snooze button gets pushed on. And then every ten minutes or so, the alarm goes off again. And you may wrestle with the snooze few more times. Until…. you just have to get up and begin the day. No more delay, no more excuses. Just do it. Many have this similar type of pattern in the morning.

I’ve noticed life brings patterns so that we can pay attention to what’s really going on. What if…. the economic situation is a ‘wake up’ call for people to be more aware and participate in the election process. Isn’t it interesting on the order of events generating the ‘wake up calls’ happening right now? Boom – the economic shake up and incoming are the elections. What will be next? There will be many more changes to unfold. What I know is we need to shift out of the extremes and into a state of balance again.

We can agree at this stage in the overall scheme of things on the planet that money is at the heart of the exchange system. Money can also be used as a catalyst to wake people up to certain important issues that have to be addressed as part of a collective growth spurt.  Since many speak of the past ‘Depression’ period in history, what if…. that pattern needs to be healed and transformed? What if this re-emerging pattern is telling each of us a story of the fear, powerlessness and distortions in relation to money and economy as well as the system? Either we can ignore it and let it build up even more or we can take part in the transformation process – even our personal lives.

I prefer to use the Zen Alarm clock where it gradually wakes me up. For me, it doesn’t feel so good when the alarm clock jolts you awake. It can be useful, but not always necessary. It feels more enjoyable to wake up with a sense of centeredness and peacefulness. That tone carries into the day and into all that I share or express with others. And I know I prefer to learn through the University of Grace rather than through the School of Hard Knocks. What about you?
How will you begin to heal this ‘depression’ and issue of money in your personal life?