United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that brought me to writing this blog post. It said “United We Stand.” This inspired me to write about “United We Stand and Divided We Fall.” Isn’t ‘United We Stand’ a wonderful Intention? It is very symbolic, meaningful and evokes something from deep within. Whether we consider this statement to be uniting with our Consciousness or Soul, or uniting with each other as a global community or within our family it matters not. It can be real for everything.

It is the awareness of the all inclusiveness state of consciousness. It is there we rise up even higher in terms of awareness, healing and real success. While you are reading up on the latest news with the elections or news around the world, remember we are all interconnected.

There are so many things each day that promote the division, lack and ignorance. Ultimately, leading us away from the very thing that is real and eternal. Check in how often you get divided or buy into the separation. Fear tends to divide and conquer. To the mind or false identity, the unknown creates this very wide and strong wedge. You have the power and wisdom within yourself to blast though the walls of limitation and join up with the unity or oneness.

In the physical reality, we do need to see or experience ourselves and individuals (ie: with a separate body and form) this is relevant. However, that is not who we really are. And more importantly, we tend to get stuck there.  Wouldn’t it be worth it to give all your attention, awareness and energy pours into the all inclusive, unifying state of consciousness. The barriers dissolve. Compassion remains. The truth of who you are emerges, and shines so bright.