Dream Symbolism: Flying

Flying in a dream can evoke a sense of freedom, liberation and a feeling of rising above something or some issue. It is an incredible feeling to soar high and move with great agility.  It’s as if you feel a ‘lightness’ and are able to move without limitations or the fear of falling down. This lightness reminds you of your real self – Consciousness/ Soul. Your Spirit is light and free all the time.

Flying freely in a dream may represent in the wake time that things in life are moving along and you are able to rise above long standing issues with little or no strain. It’s almost as if you are liberated enough to have clarity towards your purpose.  Next time you have a dream what you are flying over or around, notice the speed, intensity, the challenge or how easily you maneuver around as you fly.

When you have a dream where you are flying in an airplane or helicopter or something like that, there is a different sensation and not as exhilarating. This type of dream oftentimes suggests a person experiencing a journey to a destination or movement of something from one place or space to another. Notice the type of airplane or helicopter you are flying in. Colors, feeling, technology are all relevant. This type of dream symbolism is bit different than flying on your own.