Simple Joys Stir up the RED

the RED stirring
the RED stirring

‘Take a look at life with fresh sight. Really see what is there. Life provides simple joyful surprises. The innocence is always around, just waiting for the perfect second. Like a drop of water to melt into the parched heart and dissolves the hardened wall of pain. From the sound of giggling, to a sparkle in the eyes, a helping hand, to the thoughtful recipe for dinner – each and every experience has joy. The grief and heaviness need not cover you for long. The darkness shifts and light fills the dark sky – like the sun’s rays at dawn. Since, everything is in motion, choose to remain with open curiosity  to what unfolds next. Continue to view all of life on the many levels with fresh eyes, for Life will constantly amaze you.

I woke up hearing the sound of a siren from a fire truck today and it brought a smile to my face. I knew it was a Holiday siren. It was not a siren for emergency purposes. Well it could be an 911 emergency for those who are still Grinches this holiday season! Each year, the town I live in, the firemen take Santa Claus around the town in the fire engine. Santa gets a totally RED hot ride. Not to mention the hot RED outfit and red tones in his skin from the cold wind. The RED is energizing the joy.

You can feel the Spirit of the Season flow as the firemen and Santa ride around to each housing development. I thought to myself, even with the gas prices high, the town’s team of firemen are still spreading the holiday spirit. It is worthwhile. I heard the siren very close by, and I knew they were getting ready to drive into my development. Soon as I heard them on the street, I ran outside into the cold with bare feet, in my pj’s and robe, hair disheveled and all .. waving with a big smile on my face to Santa and the fire department team.  We can view it this way; Santa’s stirring the symbolic RED energy. Fire it up baby, be the joy that you are. The symbolic RED energy reminds us to take wise actions and find creative ways to stir up our energy instead of lingering too long in the fear, sadness, nervousness and anxiety. This was a lovely way to experience a simply joy that life presented.

Find the simple joys as they present themselves to you not only for this holiday season, but each day. The present moment is a gift to you.

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