The Gift and The Passage

Pure Awareness

This post is dedicated to my Grandfather who transitioned from physical form, which some call the death process on Christmas Day. As I write the following, it is from my direct experience of the process. In truth, each family member played a unique role, I was not the only one tuning in or helping.

“Consciousness is like a vast ocean which must pour itself into a small and limited size swimming pool. In truth, it can only be partially contained within the swimming pool. Viewing this from human eyes, one may say it is complete. When looked upon with Cosmic eyes, the swimming pool contains only one droplet …. of the totality of the Essence or Consciousness. This is how Consciousness is within the physical form or body. The physical body is a temporary vessel for a temporal experience. Once the experience of physical reality upon the earth is complete, there is transition. Now, there is a return to be Essence which is eternal, has no form and is outside of space/time continuum.”

Death; a Gift of Freedom. Everything is energy. In truth, nothing dies.  Death itself is a profound transformation. One form transforms into another and this continues in every aspect of life. This is true even for our human aspect or physical body. When we leave our physical body, we have the gift of freedom to return to our real state of being, energy or Consciousness.  What an enormous blessing it was that my Grandfather had the support of so much spiritually grace-filled energy as he exited from his physical body or form into energy or Consciousness once again. He is at home and reconnected to the Love Consciousness  – his real Self. This is a gift to him, for in his human self (ego and mind) , he had really cut himself off from his true nature. My grandfather’s transition (the death process) was an intense experience for me to say the least.

Grace in Action in my life. I felt a range of feelings and mystical energies as his journey into death and rebirth began over a week ago. He was in India and I was here in the United States. Distance is not an issue when it comes to energy. What began as sensations in the body, which continued to build in frequency, intensity and duration concluded with his ending of his life journey on the earth. I could feel a profound anxiety of feeling trapped in the body, aching for release. I felt waves of claustrophobia, trapped in the physical body and deep restlessness, extreme jittery sensations as well as huge globs of emotions stuck and waiting to be released. I spoke few close family members about this as I was going through this. We couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but we did know something big was happening. An important message was coming soon. Little did I realize how much I was tuning into my grandfather and his experience in the last days of his life.

There were things that my grandfather couldn’t understand about my life or choices. But I know now, without a doubt, he will have awareness. He will be able to love and accept what he could not while he was alive. My sense is he will smile and feel joyful at seeing this new perspective about his granddaughter and other grandchildren. One of his parting gifts to me was the conscious experience of someone close to me – transitioning from one state of consciousness to another.  For me, it was like being a energetic buffer, but so much more vast than that. This is a speck of a metaphor for there were many other levels and layers to the entire experience. It was a pre-birth, in other words my grandfather was preparing to be “birthed” into a different form. I didn’t fully understand it until it was all over. In the aftermath, I have relief even in my physical body from the whole experience. Exhaustion settled in my body after the phone call of his passing. Now, I’m reflecting and recovering from the intense experience.

Life had prepared me one year in advance through a vision. I was given a glimpse and insight into his journey into death or leaving the physical body and who would be with him and how he would leave.   The grieving process began back then, and as this transition manifested – I was ready as were other family members I had shared the guidance with.  Although nothing can prepare you for the actual event or change, the advance awareness  was a comfort. Everything would be in appropriate order for all the parties involved.  The “death” or transition of a person is in the hands of Divine Will – and really from my point of view,  not to be predicted nor calculated by the mind or ego. It is a sacred process of the individual Soul’s journey. When we are given a glimpse or a vision as it is guidance given naturally from the Universe.

On a bigger scale, there is this intricate Universal web of life. A sacred link to each other. What happens to one happens to the all. And since we are all interconnected, we can all tune into a loved ones transition from life to death or transformation into energy.  We can have awareness of the process. It requires you to shed your fears, limited ideas, misconceptions and false beliefs regarding the ‘death process.’  You must grab a hold of this ancient and profound transformation from physical form into pure energy. It requires you to tune into the body and be still in the spaciousness of your real self. We pick up these upcoming major shifts but most of the time totally oblivious to them due to various factors.

Continue to Celebrate and Connect
We continue to celebrate the life of not only my grandfather but other loved ones who have also transitioned. It is true we continue to remember and miss the sound or touch of the loved one, yet the are very much alive and offer a gift of reconnecting in a brand new way. The other side of veil is not that far away anymore. It is right here.  If you wish to connect with a loved on who has passed on (died) simply relax and set the intention to connect to them, reach out through your heart and feelings. They are listening and are near you in a blink of an eye.  Then we don’t have to be lost in months or years  or a lifetime of grief.  After the initial waves of emotions and feelings of grief, we can feel peaceful and joyful that we can still can connect to them and exchange in a brand new way. Realize that attachment to physical form limits you and that when you let go of that – you can see that there is still a strong spiritual pulse to the connection between you and your loved one – one that can not die or be taken away.

I invite you to view the death process with fresh eyes and an open heart. There is so much more we can tune into and experience if we let go of fear and listen to our internal wisdom. We can also be of assistance to our loved ones as they shift from their life here in the physical reality on earth into a more vast reality as Soul or Consciousness.