‘Self-Help Overwhelm, Too much to Attain’ ~ Ask Dipali


Hi Dipali, Sometimes on the spiritual path, I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’ve attended many seminars, listened quiet a few audio books, read a lot of books as well as surfed the Internet. I feel inspired and then I seem to crash. It happens when I try to apply all the techniques and teachings into my relationships or life. I feel it becomes so stressful and hard. Then I criticize myself due to negligence. I am trying to attain a goal – to be, live and express from the level of soul or spirit as much as possible. How can I make this better for myself. It feels like too much work. Thank you. Any insight will be of great help.

Response from Dipali:

Hi, thank you for your question.

You have given a wonderful example how each spiritual seeker can become ‘overwhelmed’ on the guzzling down of seminars, self-help books or techniques or whatever on the spiritual path. It happens. Do your best not to criticize yourself but to learn from this precious experience. What wisdom is it revealing to you?  Seeking self-knowledge is helpful. Yet, when a person becomes stressed out and overwhelmed something is out of balance.

In relation to your question….
This experience is a reminder to you that the Spiritual Path is not a goal to be attained. Nor is it based on how much the mind soaks in, or the information it stores or even applying every single technique out there. And there are a lot! Too much information is like indigestion on any given level especially the mental energy body. And sometimes it can feel as if you are trying to apply fifty encyclopedias at once into your life. It is not about forcing the mind to remember or retain all the techniques either. This will create a stagnation and overload your energy circuits – which is not fun.

To begin; simplify and organize with a fresh approach.
Start your day with a simple easy and even fun type of practice or connection to the Divine. You can meditate, do conscious breathing, simple prayer or whatever you feel to do. Set your clear intention for the day. Then begin to enjoy the day as it unfolds (neither clinging to good or bad things or issues arising). Be in the moment and open to see what Life or the Universe brings in your life. As a situation or circumstance arises, you can practice trusting you will be given inner guidance as to how to apply the knowledge you have gained (spiritual) into the mundane experience.

Select precious knowledge nuggets which resonate the most with you right now. Write them in your journal or planner. Anywhere you can refresh yourself when you feel out of balance. Then read those quotes, sayings or sentences. This will help to organize what feels good, loving and wise in alignment with your spiritual path. It may be helpful not to try focusing so much on techniques or all the lists that you read or hear. Yet listen for that ‘inner voice’ of wisdom/Soul/Consciousness that always is your guide. This is freedom to really be real and not always get caught up in the details of lists, techniques, or formulas on the “how to’s” which can keep the mind over active instead of easing into expressing naturally your Essence or Soul self.

Most of all remember to enjoy the process and have fun. Change things up every now and again. Let it not be a mental exercise but a full experience on all the levels.

Blessings, Dipali