Now and Zen Energy; Space Clearing

By Dipali Desai

Spring Equinox begins this month, and Nature’s silent wisdom offers to show us the perfect metaphor of our personal journey at this stage. We are the Spirit-filled seedling ready to burst out of the earthy soil and reach towards the vibrant sun, then to bloom and bear fruit. Certainly we can say this is a space in which to celebrate the new raw energy about to sprout outward to begin new life. It is also a time that indicates new beginnings, new growth, planting of seeds both literal and symbolic, cleansing and purification towards renewal.

Yes, you get to peek out of the soft blanket or dark cave and move out of the stage of dormancy into the budding stages of new awareness. New rhythms are emerging in which we will be asked to find and establish a brand new balance as well. Nature’s gift is to show us the rays of hope, the promise of new blossoming yet to peek out and areas in which we will tend to our gardens to bring out the full potential of beauty.

Whether it is your home environment, new office space, garden or business, it is just about the appropriate surge of energy waiting for you to do some “energetic spring cleaning”. Lunge into action on or around the Spring Equinox on March 20th or New Moon in Aries on March 26th, 2009. Doing this type of energy cleaning will offer multitude of benefits to your personal or business space. From increase in smoothness within the flow of your business, increase vitality within the home, dazzling new sprouts in the garden or simply uplifts the vibrations around you! Lets face it, lately there has been so much goop coming out of each of us on this evolutionary path of growth and evolution that most definitely there is a need to take special time out to consider this suggestion.

If you take a moment to step into a space that has not been cleared energetically, and then step into an energetically cleaned space, you may notice a sparkle, a supportive energy that is humming around you. It simply feels like a more inviting space, more vibrant and alive! The energy movement offers flow of energy to new projects, relationships, creativity, health and well being on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Our entire being yearns for new harmony, balance and spaces that promote vitality and sustain matching energy on our journey. This ‘spring energetic tune up’ is a great way to usher in a clean slate for the Spring time. By taking conscious approach to inviting in a cleansing for the Spirit/Mind/Emotions/Body you are working with the cycle. Light fasting or liquid fasting is a wonderful idea, to help the body and systems detoxify, or perhaps you are clearing out your drain pipes in the home, or you may decide to paint something new and colorful, or add more plants, or add more grace and flow to your environment space by rearranging the room or closet or whatever.

Sometimes, there is a tendency to feel a dragging or hum drum type of energy when we cleanse or clean. Maybe there is a spot or issue that needs healing or more awareness? Allow your emotions and feelings to help you navigate. Tune into your inner guidance and be creative in your arrangements or clearing. God/Source Consciousness is in everything! From the sacred to the mundane, from the menial task to the great mission. Be a practical mystic and play with new ways to begin the new cycle.

Go with the flow, remember to invite the water element which adds life and replenishes our being and space. And watch your home, garden, space, business glow with a new sparkle and joy filled energy. A little tender loving care for yourself, home, environment, business goes a long way. Bless the space or task once you are finished, this will act like a seal.

You can make this clearing of energy as simple or as elegant as you like. Just for your awareness, make sure the space is yours that you clear (can not clear someone else’s business space or home without their permission) is your own, and that if others live in the home you ask all work be done to the highest good and harmony of all that are living there! Make sure you play and be creative with the ceremony or ritual you partake in. And allow for your inner guidance to flow in and offer new ideas or suggestions from the last time you do this. Be clear with your Intention, where intention goes energy flows.

A few suggested tools to use during spring energy clearing are:
(be creative and use your own inspiration)
Purification with Sage, Sweet grass, Lemon grass, Incense
-Blessings and Working with the Elements (earth, water, air, fire and ether)
-Invocations # Clearing out any crystals and gemstones
-Using Flower Essence and spring water in spritz bottles to clear space
-Working with Essential Oils  -Sacred Sound: Using Bells, Drums, Chimes
-Mantras, Prayers, or Sacred Tones to Infuse the space with new vibration
-Colors, paints, light, crystals near window
-Art of placements; arrangement for life force to flow
-Recycle something into something that is fun or useful
-Clear and energize; any energy grids around your space, home, business

Copyright 2009 Dipali Desai ~ All Rights Reserved.