Why Make a Commitment?

Have you noticed…some type of life altering crisis brings a person to their knees and breaks open the resistance? Resistance to a new perception, reality,  making a real lifestyle change or becoming more aware of a bigger picture in life. Heartbreak, pain, suffering, death, loss all can spark an inner craving for a new solution to relieve the fear, darkness, and suffering.

This type of momentary opening or pocket is just enough for a new solution, light or way to appear on the horizon. Something that offers them genuine solace and comfort. What is the new solution? It is the path of self-discovery, spirituality, self-realization and awareness of who you really are. It’s funny how crisis shatters the grip of the egoic mind (ego and mind keeping you in ignorance, fear and the past) just long enough for new energy to burst in and activate a person’s being. Light bringing a huge spotlight into a dark or dim cave.

As the crisis passes, the person slips down the path to the original way of being gripped by ego and ignorance and life is full of Daisey’s and sun again. The next crisis happens and the person gets another jolt and the cycle happens all over again. On top of that you can feel ashamed, critical and resentful towards yourself for clinging to the path of self-discovery or self realization at times of crisis only – which depletes your confidence in other areas of life. Again and again and over again yet the person resists staying ON the path.  Spirituality, self-discovery, awareness of the real Self are all used only as a quick temporary fix or band aid and then abandoned at the moment of stability.

Pause right here. Ok take a deep breath. Let’s explore this…

Spirituality, Self-Discovery, Wellness, Self-Realization … is not just for crisis management of the moment and then shoved off to the side when it passes. It’s not like a Yo-Yo Diet fad, seasonal sport or latest Fashion Trend. It is SO much more than you can possibly imagine.

Here you are at a huge fork in the road. Ready to slip back into your old ways where the egoic mind dictates your fear based quick fix reality or choose to stay on this path and make a commitment to your Soul or Consciousness. Do you realize that by choosing to make a genuine commitment to your Self, your life, path, wellness, love consciousness and discovery of who you really are… you will have given yourself the biggest and best gift? This relationship and commitment is something that is priceless and will be with you always.

A healthy relationship with yourself – creates a healthy relationship with God/Divine/Source creates a healthy relationship with a partner, creates a healthy relationship with children and so on and so forth. It is a massive ripple effect. If you don’t start within yourself, it breaks the circuit and therefore other relationships may suffer in the long run.

This primary core commitment to your recovery of your authentic Self/Soul/Consciousness is to your benefit. This will give you the ultimate high; empowerment and bliss. To stay on course and follow through to the end is the light amongst the angst in the physical world. If you find yourself resisting as yourself “What is the fear?” You may find that you feel as if you are committing to something non-physical and invisible – yet this is the REAL World (no not the TV show). The physical world is the illusion and physical commitments are temporary in one sense – yet many cling to these more so than say a genuine commitment to their Spirituality or path in life that will lead them home to Consciousness.

Amazing stuff. There is nothing to fear by choosing to discover your higher potentials, self-realization or enlightenment. There is only fear that is shed so you are free to be who you were designed to be. Any walk up a mighty mountain has its sets of challenges, mysteries as well as the  joy and excitement.

More importantly, it total simplicity – it is an adventure up a mountain (as a metaphor). A climb to the peak, seeing the valley and basking in the experience of it all. The the real journey and evolution continues.  You have everything to gain by making a strong loving commitment to stay on the path and discover the real You.

Have you noticed yourself slipping back into old ways/habits  or pushing your spiritual path aside once the crisis passes?