“Graduating to Wholeness and Love Life” ~ Ask Dipali


When will I have reached soul enlightenment when it comes to love life ? I am just sftlotwondering when this process will be over … Once it’s complete I guess this is when I will meet someone different …

The question (although funny) when will I graduate to be a whole person because it will only be then that I will finally have a harmonious relationship with a man  …

Merci… ~ C.L

Response from Dipali:

Hi C, Thanks for your question.

Sharing with you guidance to your question, see what resonates. Surely there are others who ask similar question(s). For me no question is too funny! It is better to ask and see what wisdom comes from it. Thank you for being brave enough to ask.

From a spiritual perspective
– we are already whole. As Soul or Consciousness we are whole, worthy, valuable, complete and love…. as we are.  Now its time to accept that – feel it in the heart and in your being.

The mind and false identity (ego) may divert your attention into thinking you are less than, not enough yet, need to improve more and so forth. This only keeps at bay from allowing love on physical level to manifest. We need to experience a deep sense of feeling worthy for love – as we are love itself.

When we arrive to self-realization and enlightenment — a permanent state (in one sense it is over, in another sense the process has just begun because evolution continues back to Source) we continue to evolve and relationships helps us to express more love.

Part of the path this lifetime for you was to learn moderation, healthy parameters as well as learning to receive. You are finishing up a developmental cycle which had slowed things down in terms of drawing in potential partner for love. It was a teaching cycle of growth and development that began about last August of 2008, providing you as your personality learning, lessons, patience and maturity. During this phase, you may have felt at odds or in conflict/confusion, fearful, anxious, exhausted around love and relationships. This phase or cycle of development finishes out by the end of May 2009 and you are free to move forward.

A metaphor for this recent cycle of growth, maturity and development is; If you were in a car, and at a red stop light you had halted, with your foot on the brake – waiting for the light to turn “green.” As it did, then the foot comes off of the brake in the car – once this happens the car moves forward.  It is the process not the destination that matters. How patience, aware, empowered we are.

The proof is how you feel inside as a person in this moment. The mind and ego wants evidence or proof that this or that is working. Yet it is working…. if you are sincere, genuine and putting your all into this process. The proof is YOU and how happy and full of love…that you feel with or without a partner in your life. You feeling empowered, trusting and embracing life as it is right now. Begin to have a harmonious relationship with your self. Feel as if it is already here! You have so much to give and are a bright light. As you apply this you continue to live life and feel stronger inside, more empowered therefore you become more magnetic to an outer relationship entering in your life. You as Soul already know it IS working and will manifest.

My sense is a part of you has the notion of ‘perfection’ things have to be perfect before I meet him, or “I have to be perfect” before a partner enters. Let this go. Not necessarily, do you have to be perfect. So my question to you is “Do you Trust” – a general trust in the Universe, in Soul in God or Divine is working with you through this process. Trusting yourself to make a healthy choice in the present moment if a person enters into your life. “Do you have Faith” that in Divine Timing the partner will manifest? This is something you are moving through now.

Anytime after June 2009 you will begin to notice less obstacles or restrictions and more movement in the area of meeting individuals and relationships as well as love.  You may feel less heavy or defeated and more energetic again. You have been moving through a phase of maturity, restructuring relationships, practicing new healthy boundaries with all types of relationships. Making you more ready for a potential partnership.

You may even notice some subtle energy shifting and swirling through May 2009 – helping you to open up the heart, letting go of residual fears or anxieties and Surrendering to the Divine where you feel out of control. If you are in the present moment, you may even see small synchronicities to give you a message from the Universe that things are moving ahead nicely.

Hope this helps. Your feedback is welcome.

All the Best,