“What should I be focusing on at this time in my life?” ~ Ask Dipali

I suppose it boils down to something like: “what should I be focusing on at this time in my life, relationships or towards the more general good. I feel I am changing but cannot figure out my direction” – UG

Response from Dipali:

Hi U,
Thanks for writing in. Wonderful questions you have asked. I can sense your mental confusion. As if the mind has been extra energized and you have fragments of thoughts zipping through at high speed.I see a strong developmental cycle which is prompting you to shake loose old perceptions about life, yourself and reality. Wake up! Dare to experiment and believe in yourself. Let go of the old preconceived ideas about who you used to be. Who are you now? Where do you intend to go? Take good care of your nervous system and remain flexible as possible between now and the end of August 2009.

To begin with:

I would like to suggest you make a decision that is best suited for you today – in this moment. It is not my place to make the final decision for you. Yet I will say.. the other individual you are referring to from your past – did the same when he was placed in a situation. So I encourage you to make a clear empowered step towards making yourself happy and fulfilled rather than waiting on him or hanging out in the what if’s. I also sense the energy potential of you becoming more empowered by letting the past go. We have to make room in our lives internally (energetically) and trust life in general – including ourselves. A rebirth of fresh new emotional energy is likely within the next two years.  It will happen slowly so you can glide with the energy movement more steadily.

Where do you need to concentrate right now?

You are also moving through a highly concentrated maturity cycle of growth and development which triggers feeling unworthy and “not good enough” type of energy pattern which keeps you stuck in the middle neither making this decision nor that. Just in limbo.  As of May 16th – a deep stirring or symbolic “timer” is ringing ..urging you to take a strong decisive step out of the limbo and comfort zones. What do you believe is possible? Weed out beliefs that are not yours or no longer serve you.

I see opportunity now, to strengthen your relationship with the Sacred or Divine as your guiding light and force which supports, directs and comforts you. It is a maturing the bond or connection type of phase for you if you choose to work with it at its potential. Naturally some fears may arise yet for you to confront and face, yet you are strong in a way you can overcome the anxiety and worries. For example;  you must believe in yourself and that you DO have something meaningful to contribute. You are highly creative and innovative. Trust yourself.  By increasing your confidence and self-esteem you can take practical steps towards making this a real part of your life.

Also, I suggest to use the potential of this maturity cycle of growth wisely; you must create a steady rhythm or practice of connection daily if you have not done so thus far. If you have then its another stage. Incorporate patience and perseverance as part of the process.

With faith in your wisdom Self/Soul that it is guiding you you can face the mystery of the future. My sense is you are highly inspired right now to write and put together anything, yet you need to be more concrete and grounded with the energy for something to manifest instead of zinging around in your mind and staying confused. Until you sort out the past stuff, how can you have room for a new partnership? Get organized and methodical with your own inner healing first!

Even if you simply begin by journaling or starting a blog.. that may get you out of the stagnant boxed in limitation. My sense is you cling to the past via emotions and sentiments this is a tender part of you. Yet as you walk through this life… it is time to become more grounded, connected to the earth  and take solid real steps towards manifesting (and build a step at at time with patience) a life you deeply desire.

Hope this sheds some light.
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