Pieces together Make a Whole

If a glass shattered into a thousand fragments and each fragment represented a certain life experience  –  now 356imagine as you took each piece and put it together again … you would see a whole glass. Or a whole art piece alive again. No doubt, Life has brought forward big issues to heal. As if we needed to turn to a trusted Shaman or Energy Healer to help us to recover pieces of ourselves we have locked into traumatic issues from our past and fears of our future.  I’ve been working with quiet a few individuals who are moving through some major pieces. It has not been easy, yet I see the light of hope turn on bright in their hearts and eyes once again. That is beautiful. It is working with the Universe and all of the myriad of energetic beings to help the process. Yet it can be done. It has been done. It is already so if you let it be.

In truth, Soul can never be in pieces it is whole in its essence. We do however deposit energy of ourselves and keep them frozen in time/space with certain painful issues in our lives. For some they may say even past lives. Yet what matters is the recovery, the healing, the awareness and wisdom. You reconnect to who you are – your authentic self as Soul as Consciousness and you realize ..wow – I’m whole complete and filled with so much that I can’t even wrap my mind around it all.

Now is that time, use the next several months to be progressive and forward thinking in terms of your healing and wellness on many levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Choose to understand the biggest magnified patterns or issues that are in your face right now – are a red flag. For what? For you to pay attention to and heal so you can restore yourself fully.

Sure some issues are extremely painful, shame -filled, guilt ridden. Yet those are the the ones that can rapidly heal and become transformed. You can free yourself from the prison and forgive yourself so you can move along your on your journey. It will feel so good and right deep within your being. You will feel that renewed sense of passion and aliveness for life.

Have you noticed the push or big issues coming up for healing in your life? Relationships? Self?