Full Circle, Becoming Whole

Lately, I’ve been letting go. Letting go of so many things. “Just relax, let go and open up”  I keep 258Bhearing from the quiet voice inside. Let go of the past, future and anything in between. Allow any images or past ideas go. Pure dissolution. Allowing the muscles, organs and body relax and dissolve lingering tension. So I am opening up my hands and heart to receive.  Receive what Life and the Universe wants to give me. It always wants to give me more – but waits patiently until I’m ready. An empty vessel. Wanting to provide me with  energies that are my natural birthright.

I’ve felt so guided to go through a series of deduction and to simplify. As I empty out, I open up to receive more. I’m letting go of old visions, dreams, projects, relationships, and ideas.  Creating room and space for having a meeting with the unknown and undefined. Eager to connect to the mystery. Things or situations that at one time helped me,  that I learned from and brought me great insight – I honor all of it, every part and parcel. Every obstacle or challenge had purpose and meaning.

When something in your life brings frustrations repeatedly – acting as if a thorn in your side, then there is a strong indication or message from your Soul and life. It feels like sharp and uncomfortable contractions during labor and pre– birth. It can take your breath away. Yet also get you up close and personal with what needs your attention. It is an awareness that something has to be  transformed or altered, released so something new can be born. Oftentimes we are so afraid of the empty space, lack of definition or void that we cling to what no longer serves our highest good – far longer than necessary.

At the same time, I feel a great stirring of being filled up with fresh new energy and awareness. Similar to a Rose in the springtime when rain gently falls and the water-drops fill up between the petals. In the unknown, you and the Universe work the magic. And in the uncertainty, there is great freedom and new found joy just waiting in the wings. As if a butterfly flitting about on a midsummer’s day moving freely from flower to flower fulfilling its natural purpose without rationalizing why. It simply is.  I’m filling up with such love and appreciation of this stage and process of deduction – and the spaciousness that has been created.  The void is now a womb of creation. Fertile, warm, inviting and waiting to give birth to brand new experiences. I feel drawn to nurture the tiny seed intentions. As a mother loves her baby from the moment of conception.

The heart opens up like a glorious flower under the bright sun. Displaying its natural beauty without doubt or inhibition. A wonderful reminder to be open, totally trusting and in full surrender to the process. As we discover the fertile garden or womb within our own inner being – we find this is the magic in the ordinary. Magical things happen silently and in each moment. Miracles are abound here – they are not “the once in a blue moon” type of thing.  Our Soul beckons us to fill up and empty out continuously. Yet, we have known barren states, lethargic phases, dry times where we feel total lack or stuckness. The weariness down to the bones has at times been overwhelming. Yet, the tide turns. All things change. The Light returns. In each moment we can be child like, innocent, free and expressive.

It is time to embrace recognizing the wholeness that was there all along. As Soul you have everything. You are the full package. A full circle to where it all began. Be the child of the universe, enlightened, wise and loving. This is the truth, the way and the calling.

Copyright 2009 Dipali Desai