Dream Symbolism and Animal Spirit Guide

This morning I awoke with a strong awareness through a crystal clear dream;

It was of two rabbits that I had wanted to bring home. I had the strong pull to help the animals who didn’t have homes, and so I wanted to offer them a place to stay. I had them checked out by a Vet and I was ready to purchase a cage to keep them in as well as any supplies necessary. I was eager to bring them home and did not have them de-clawed as was the suggestion by the Vet. I said no thanks, I can handle it from here. The cage was long about three to five feet rectangular in shape.

The rabbit as a symbolism and animal spirit guide in the moment represents to me “quickening of rhythms.” Creative bursts will move in leaps, hop here jump there and so to grab opportunities as they manifest. I also felt the number two had such a strong meaning that the dual or pair energy is also very strong. It was neither male nor female – simply two rabbits so the power rested in the multiple energy. Rabbit symbolism works with the lunar cycle and to think today on the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Capricorn the dream happened.

I can feel the energy quickening, right now subtle but in a few days things will build speed and move or manifest in a 28 day cycle.  It is exciting to see what will happen next. Today in the garden a pair of rabbits manifested right near the house! What an incredible synchronicity and confirmation without analyzing or reading too much into things. A emerald green hummingbird also visited several times as did a hawk and baby birds. Energies are stirring and I feel blessed to work consciously with the Anima Realm and Nature.

I hope to write more on Animal Spirit Guides and Dream Symbolism as I feel guided to. I do enjoy offering Consultations on the subjects and sharing with individuals to help them discover more in depth meaning in their lives.