Life is Pregnant With Possibilities

Lately I’ve been feeling and seeing life pregnant with possibilities. Not that this happens once in a while. Life is constantly fertile, yet it has its seasons and there are cycles as Nature shows us. But right now it is as if life is brimming with creative energy and is ready to give birth to new things, energies and such. Everywhere there is a hum of energy. Vibrating, buzzing, swirling around within the Womb of Creation.

And over the last few days everywhere I look, I see a woman with a very large pregnant belly. This is the manifested symbolism. If we look beyond the clouds of worries, anxieties, what if’s and fears we can see the magic silently and majestically waiting. The curtain will part and we will begin to see fruits of our labor being born into the physical world. For some, they are already experiencing little bursts of breakthroughs after long period of gestation and what the mind labels “delay.”

Looking with a new perspective, everything manifests in its own season and timing. The egoic mind does not comprehend Divine Timing does not work to its expectations and nor does it adhere to linear time frame 1-10 type of thing. This createsa feeling impatience, worry and frustration. Yet – if you accept that Divine Timing will bring far brighter and better things than if you rushed something into manifestation. All is well. You restore the inner peace that you are. You learn to accept that being in the Flow of Life will bring you to where you need to be. From moment to moment.

The Universe wishes the best for us believe or not. Sometimes it is our egoic mind that stands in the way. Let go. Be Free. Look around with wonder at how Life is pregnant with new creative energy and soon to be birthing or breakthroughs that will be inspiring and joyful.

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