It Sees Itself as Separate

The false identity, egoic mind, aka negative ego in some spiritual circles views itself as separate from the Divine/God/Source as well as other people and life itself. It also perceive and locks into the “competition” battle and engages in the worldview that life is “a battle to survive at all costs.”

It sees itself as better than everyone around, or jumps into the self-pity of victim-hood “life is always against me” belief.  It may even keep you confined, locked up and tangled in the known and past far longer than necessary creating more suffering in the long-term. The false identity draws its energy from lack of love,  skewed perceptions, illusions, greed, powerlessness, overly controlling, rage, bitterness, victim-hood, wounds, revenge, corruption, addiction and abuse or violations.  Given free reign you will be demolished when the physical body dies, you no longer exist. This is life in the trance of the conditioned egoic mind.

As Soul/Consciousness you view life and self from a very different state and yet incredibly expanded space. The Truth is you are not separate from God/Divine/Source. In fact, you are One with all of it, so very connected. You are a Child of the Universe and the Universe as well as the Cosmos wants to bring you the highest and best in creation. It is a life-giving reality, one that is abundant on all levels and full of love. As Consciousness you know you have chosen to take on a human form for experiences and the next journey in evolution. You realize from this expanded state of Consciousness as Soul there are many levels and sub-levels of evolution and mastery. Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic level of realities back to Source. You are drawn back to remembering the Universal Truth of Oneness and even if you can’t grasp this it is embedded within your natural design as Soul, it is encoded within the human body. From the enlightened perspective, your true nature is love, immortal, eternal neither have ever been born, nor will die. This is the real you, as Consciousness.

The ego and mind are both necessary part of the human form. Some feel it must be annihilated, squashed, repressed or rejected. This is not accurate and can be detrimental to a person’s spiritual growth. We need the mind for day-to-day functions as we need the ego within human form so that Soul expresses through it. It must become a clear window for higher state of Consciousness to flow through freely. For the ego and mind work on the optimal levels, it must be aligned under/with Soul, Consciousness.   As this real and natural alignment happens you shift from egoic perspective of reality dictating your choices to enlightened state of reality – Soul guiding your choices in life. Working directly with Spiritual Enlightenment Transmission Energy ensures this happens if not now, then it is only a matter of time. This spiritual energy of Grace in action helps gently and intensely helps one to accelerate their spiritual evolution. If you have been looking for something to help you along the spiritual path, look no further outside of yourself. Begin by taking a journey inward.

Copyright 2009 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved