Full Relationship with Life

“Commit to having a relationship with Life and loneliness is a distant memory. “

People ask me how do I fill the hole in my heart or life when there is no specific romantic partner in life at that moment?  There is no one set answer because each person’s history, experiences, life lessons etc are unique – yet I can share a perspective that may help.

On the path of self-discovery and spiritual evolution, the emptiness must be felt and accepted as love itself.  That hole is an opportunity to be room for more love that you are. The space to be your true nature. As you begin to deeply enjoy the experience of being alone you burst through the membranes of fear, anxiety, loneliness, bitterness, anger etc. It may not be one layer. Your journey may take you through several layers to accomplish what is needed; self-love or whatever is required for you to evolve and heal or realize your wholeness. This happens for individuals whether they are in relationship or single.

On the path of self-awareness this is a major bump in the road. It challenges the individual to be empowered and let imbalanced energies wash through them. To confront their hidden or unconscious patterns that are carried in their cell memory.  There are so many stages on the journey to reclaiming wholeness, we deepen and expand into the fullness the real Self/Soul. In this, there limitations evaporate. There is One Life here.  Spiritually, this is magnificent. Yet on the human level, it can be a strain to accept the process and to be patient with yourself as you inch your way out of the confinements – symbolic or literal.

Being with the hole, emptiness, gap or missing piece in life (not having a romantic partner in your life) is a huge gift. It will lead you to feeling and being strong, confident and stable with or without a person in your life. Love flows from you and the partner will only enhance what is already there. You give the gift of being whole inside/outside on your own – to yourself here. It is a remarkable and priceless gift to your overall evolution. Nothing can take this away once it has been reached. It is not an outward journey, but an inward one.

What I say share with others is this;
When the emotions or thoughts arise dive into the heart of the emotion. Feel it through completely. Don’t analyze it.  Face it head on and accept whatever is arising that life is bringing in the moment. Fighting it will keep the emotion or perception sticking to you longer than you want it to.  Let the energy flow through you. Be the open space, breathe into it. You will notice you flow into a new space easily. One that is more stable, clear and moving with Life. When we are willing to have a full relationship with Life, loneliness does become a distant memory because a whole new world rich in love, inspiration and well-being opens up at your finger tips. You can reach for that nourishment 24/7 and you are fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams.