As You Are

One of the more precious gifts to give to yourself is loving who you are in this moment. This is one of the teachings of yoga. No, yoga is not an exercise trend. It is so much more than mere physical workout or postures. Yoga is the ‘union’ of one’s entire being; spirit, mind, heart, body with the Divine or Cosmos.  Yoga itself comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning to yoke, join or unite.  When you unite with Soul, Spirit and Divine/Source you are love itself flowing endlessly and eternally. You recognize your true nature is the purity and innocence; love. The search ends. All else that is unlike this dissolves away.

To accept yourself fully in this moment as you are – is quiet a powerful exercise and experience when done sincerely and with intention.  It can be done as a short meditation. It is a sacred gift of love to yourself. It costs nothing and you gain so much. Imagine how life would be if you dropped your struggle, judgements and criticisms of yourself. How much freedom is in this? A lot. Imagine if you loved yourself imperfections and all and chose to recognize the beauty that is there.

A simple act can restore the balance inside. An individual can continue to shed false layers of self on the path of self-discovery and self-realization even while accepting the entirety of oneself (human/soul)  in present moment. Oftentimes it is easy to get lost in the “If I was fifty pounds thinner, I’ll love myself better then” or “If I had the perfect mate, I’ll feel love then.” -modes. These can be an endless chase like a dog chasing its own tail.

Beyond the heartbreaks, cracks, betrayals and imperfections, you can find heart (love) once again – if you choose to.  Sometimes heartbreak opens up the heart that is shut down or numbed out. Betrayal wakes you up from an illusion. We don’t need to be immersed in pain or sorrow to grow or wake up. We can learn through Grace. If you venture beyond the pain, suffering and stories, there is something new to experience. As you return to the heart, the deep feeling of love within, you realize that you were an empowered being all along, not some helpless, powerless human who was a victim of ‘lack of love’ in life. You, yourself are the rescuer and the healer.

Simply beautiful, your true nature is love. Love yourself as you are, fully and completely.