Leave A Trail Of Gems Behind

When you speak authentically from the heart, you leave a trail of gems behind lighting up the path for all. It is an interesting question to pose, do you speak authentically from the heart or just speak from the mind or intellect alone?

There is a difference, and it is felt by those who are able to distinguish between both. Neither is right or wrong. Yet, I find when I speak from the heart authentically, love tends to wrap itself around the words, thoughts, ideas, perspectives and wisdom. All of it is infused with such vibrant life-giving compassionate energy.  Give it a try. Test this out and see if you notice any body even animals responding differently to you. Conflicts can resolve more fluidly than with friction and fight.

We are taught to speak in a crisp clear intellectual manner growing up. Intelligence out weighed authenticity any day. And intelligence has its place but left to its own devices it can be cutting, sharp and condescending. It doesn’t lift others or self up to higher states of consciousness, but rather slices down people and perspectives. Truth, when conveyed with love is welcomed by others or yourself like sunflower moves to match the  sun.

Speaking authentically from the heart certainly doesn’t mean be sugary, false and overly sweet til you are masking love itself with a role of who you think you should be like.  People tend to notice this as well and are often repelled by this type of expression. Be real, be kind, be direct and wise. When we allow the heart and Soul to temper our communications – be it verbal or in other forms amazing things begin to unfold and others tend to gravitate towards that genuine expression.  As you communicate authentically from the heart and inner most being you leave bold beautiful and colorful gems a long the path. They may touch, heal, uplift, bring clarity to or inspire all that come across it. Imagine how empowering that is.

When a songbird sings, it expresses its innate design. The song flows from its being and heart and touches all that can hear it. It is sweet, melodious, and uplifting.

How does it feel when you speak authentically from the Heart?