It is Worth the Risk

Intimacy is usually equated with the physical act of sex. Real intimacy happens on many levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Sex is like the cherry on the top of the sundae. When one decides to ‘risk it all’ to have real intimacy – this is where it’s at. This is the actual sundae itself.

A baby bird doesn’t say,” Wait a second, I won’t come out of my egg-shell unless you (Life) guarantee me safety at all times.” For a baby bird to have intimacy with all of life, it has to take the risk. Or for the baby bird to meet another mate it has to take a risk of being rejected until the suitable match comes along.

The risk of opening up and being soft and vulnerable, revealing the innocent part of you and allowing the other to be in this space with you. Before you take a gasp and back away, yes it is a real challenge for most to open themselves up in this way on so many levels and yet it is the entire being that says “yes I choose to have real intimacy with my partner, friend, lover etc.” There may be a few rejections and hurts in the process of practicing being fully intimate. At the end of the journey it is worth the risk to be loved and accepted for who you are as you are.

P.S Remember the “other” is also taking a risk with you so both are on equal ground on the adventure of intimacy on all levels. It’s not so bad when you realize both parties are in the same boat.