New House’s Energy Supportive to Me? ~ Ask Dipali

Question: I’m about to move into a new home. Here is the picture, before and after it was re-modeled. Do you get a sense if the energy or this new living space (home) will be supportive to me? I wanted to ask since I’m on a spiritual path and sensitive to energies and so I am looking for a good vibe to benefit me. Any insight would be appreciated. — Thanks.

Thanks for writing in. As I sit and look and sense into the picture, house, land and energies surrounding both you and this new location.. few things pop up.  And so I will share suggestions and a perspective with you.

It feels as if the vibe of the land and building has many lingering energies (Spirits from people who have passed on via death who had been in that building before you) remaining there. There is some suffering too weaving in the background as well.  As if someone or few people went through severe mental illness or anguish (even emotional). Since the location is a big building that covers a block and not a single residence home you may not be able to do proper space energy clearing.  Nor make it completely harmonious with your particular energy configuration. It is not even possible to have a professional come in to clear the energy as you do not own the entire building so you don’t have full permission.  It feels as if you are sensitive enough that you would not be able to sleep, rest or open up fully with the background ‘noise’ happening (ie: suffering and lingering Spirits).  I sense it would disturb your dream-time too and you would wake up not fully rested.

I would strongly suggest you find another location to for a home. Since our home ought to feel like a sacred sanctuary where we rest and replenish that is the type of vibe you want to have when you choose something for yourself. You already know you are looking for a good positive vibe in a home. The current home you are asking about in this Mini Reading would not be the wisest of choices for you. Keep searching. I do feel another home/residence and land looking for your energies..soon you and it will meet up over the next 4 weeks.

I trust, with this guidance and your own wisdom that you will ultimately make the final choice in the matter.

All the Best!