Nuturing Children’s Potentials

Have you noticed kids acting out more? Or how some of them are showing amazing talents? The newer generations of children being born on the planet are indeed quite different than say thirty years ago. Their needs are different in one way and their energies or vibes are different too. Some express extraordinary talents, some are enraged and out of control while others are quiet and don’t speak or mumble. There is a trend emerging if you pay close attention. Even therapists and counselors are facing big challenges with children as well. And some children who are deemed not reachable are being put on such strong medication or depression medication at a very young age. It is astonishing and sad to witness.

One thing is for sure, we need to find ways to nurture and support the children’s potentials and talents rather than ignoring, neglecting, or medicating them. I do feel there is a way to begin that process if the parents have an open mind and heart in their approach to wanting to work with the child’s highest potentials.

Did you know? There is a way to understand the child’s communication style, emotional style and needs, ways of action style and so forth.  Some kids are more sensitive while others hyper-active. There are options to work with creating a healthy lifestyle that would be serve and nourish the child’s needs. We could explore energy exercise and movement, diet as well as ways to promote wellness and relaxation from a young age. There are simple ways to do deep breathing and meditation. This could be considered a “holistic” or rather wholistic approach to raising kids than just blindly following the old ways of past generations.  This holistic approach is a natural way to live a more conscious lifestyle as well as help the children live their best life!

The children right now are showing all of us (within in various generations) something has to change otherwise we will be supporting the future generations who are addicts to all types of medication to keep the energies and emotions under control. It won’t work in the long term.  How can we turn a blind eye to the ways the children are eating in schools or the amount of sugar intake or even the over stimulation with video games? The choices we make to either help our future generation children or not will determine the amount of damage control we will have to do in the future. We must do our part to help shape a future that is loving, compassionate and empowered.

If you are about to be a parent or have just become parents be courageous and explore a more holistic approach to raising the children and nurturing their highest potentials. This is a choice and action will be a gift of love that keeps giving. Start by researching, asking questions and see what is possible even a small step to start things off in the direction you intend to go. Children are being born with different energies, their hard wiring so to speak is different. It’s a fact and there is evidence to prove this. It’s in our faces now, meaning we are seeing it live and up close and so it is not a theory but an actual experience. So either we fight that or we find new ways to enrich their lives and show them they are loved and the adults are guiding them.

Children have such amazing potentials to live the best life if they are supported and nurtured in a wholistic way. Yes it requires bit of extra time, care and effort but isn’t it worth it in the long run to have healthy, happy and loving children whole will one day pass it forward?

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  1. Hi Atticus,
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post. Let’s hope enough individuals (parents) become interested and change happens even with small steps. Thanks for sharing your point of view.

    All the best

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