“Sitting on the fence about my relationship..”~Ask Dipali

Hi Dipali,
I’ve been in struggling in my current relationship. I was wondering if you could give me some guidance on if I will become clear-headed anytime soon to be able to make a decision and then of course act on it. My downfall is; it sounds good on paper (in my head) and then I don’t have the courage to do anything. I’m really stuck and then it is an awful feeling inside as I feel low in self-confidence because I can’t do anything about it. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for writing in.

The relationship is really breaking down and as you are experiencing. It is verging on the side of toxic now. If it’s not possible to repair or rebuild, then you must realize it is either move on or sink with the ship so to speak. It could end up creating health imbalances within you. You have to face the truth and accept what is. Then the next step becomes clear .. more for you than for him, so don’t hold out based on hoping he will wake up and things will be different. The good news is over the last three to six months it was a time to gather your information like a good investigator and look at things exactly as they were (even if they felt yucky). And so it would not have been the best time to make a clear decision and then follow through as the energies and the cycles of development you are going through would have been working opposite. Even better news, by the end of this month of May and possibly into June 2010 you will indeed get the crystal clear bell and clarity you need. And then to top it off, the fire or “courage” to act. The action may be spontaneous and quick if you pay attention to the wise loving voice within for the signal.

Soon you will off and running. Yes! no more sitting on the fence if you truly listen to the wisdom within you, there will be a really strong signal to get you going.

All the best!