“Intuition and the Spiritual Path” ~ Ask Dipali

Sometimes I feel lost in  world of psychic development, intuition and the like on my path (spiritual). Everywhere I turn, there are classes or workshops for this. I want to trust my intuition but I get caught up in the craze of accessing the intuition. How important is it to concentrate on this skill on the spiritual path? And can the world of psychic phenomenon be a slippery slope for people on the spiritual path? It’s very confusing.  – Thanks

Response from Dipali:
Thanks for your email. It is a common question that a spiritual seeker asks so you are right on the mark. From my perspective, we are all intuitive beings with varying skills and openings of the higher sensory perception and energy centers. Some people are very open and masterful and some are just learning to trust their intuition. Yet, if one is genuinely on the a spiritual path of evolution and healing, and is consciously working with higher Spiritual energies which tend to purify the systems (all bodies). By removing the obstructions and blockages (healing, transforming, evolving) within the energetic system (and body) and working with/ being in relationship with one’s Soul there is clear intuition. In the flow of things of one’s spiritual path, intuition naturally opens like a budding flower.

From my point of view, there is no need to force, push or obsesses about being psychic, intuitive or buy into the glamour that is associated with this area. In fact, if one becomes compulsive or obsessed then its the ego/mind taking over rather than the wisdom of the Soul guiding. This checkpoint is a small test the spiritual seeker participates in to stay on course and not be detoured. There is no right or wrong you may take courses to help you. What will really help is to stay on course of your path in life and what your Soul wishes to experience.  Since trust is a big factor in life overall, take a good look at how you trust or don’t. Keep doing your daily spiritual practice, and trusting yourself when you get an inner feeling and you will see your intuition naturally and gradually opening up like a flower ready to bloom. Easy and natural way of working with intuition. You must make the choice which is in alignment with your spiritual values here. Know that if you follow the promptings of your Soul and stay on course of daily spiritual path, you will receive plenty of opportunity to use and practice your intuitive skills!