Get To Know Yourself Through Relating With Others

We are just preparing to (by July 21st, 2010)  re-enter a phase where we must take a serious look at all types of relationships. To see and accept the reality of the situation and then make a decision. Through relating with others and Life itself we learn so much about ourselves, where we are still unconscious, where we have healed, where we are in fear and tension and in other places where we may have grown and matured.

With enough pressure and friction we will heed the caution signs and have to pay attention to the lessons that will show up. It’s even possible that we have to face our own psychological hang-ups and past carry-on bags we lug around so to speak. It’s for the sake of the ego you know, this friction with gusto that is generated coaxes the ego to mature and prods it to let go of non-essentials. It won’t be pretty, nor easy over the next year or so but consider it necessary for health, wellness and the next stage of evolution.

We can make it easy on ourselves and incorporate joy, non-resistance and a bit of fun along the way. How you may ask? By not taking ourselves so seriously that we lose sight of the bigger (Cosmic) picture. Remember what is really important is that we Love itself and express this to ourselves, others and in life.  And in the end, we just may feel accomplished and realize the steps take were well worth the sweat and discipline. We will discover so many things about ourselves through relating with others and Life. It can be an extraordinary adventure if we allow it to be. Who are we now in relation to others? What new parts of ourselves will emerge? Where can we demonstrate our mastery now?

Over the next few months, (and it may even take up to a year or so to realize this for some people) we may realize we had been keeping things together in a relationship or partnership and it’s just too much to bear, too much to carry now. Come face to face with the realization we are not honoring our Soul/Spirit’s guidance. Giving more power to egoic mind from a place of fear, worry and staying stuck in the stuck zone, rather than changing things.

The weight of keeping “the relationship together” will be considerable as if you can’t ignore the two ton cylinder on your shoulders as you walk into the future. Nor can you ignore the c0-dependency and powerlessness that keeps the relationship off-balance. Once we decide we can’t do or carry it anymore, then it’s crunch time. We then have to be responsible for our choices thereafter. Listen to the strong nudge to shift areas of powerlessness or off-balance to transform that into a state of empowerment and balance once again. We may even have to set health parameters where there are weak ones. If we are in partnership in  a business, or have an alliance with others, this too will be under the scope of examination.  We will be held accountable if the interactions and foundation of the relationship is less than up to par.

It will be a time of making sure we include balance, harmony, cooperation, equality and integrity in all types of Relationships, including with self. If we sincerely do what we need to do we will see our fruits ripen and the joy of it all manifest in our lives. There is room for new types of relationships to manifest, alliances to form and partnerships to be created. The question is… will you dive in or will you go in kicking or avoid it all? This is the next big piece or shift in evolution. We can really get to know ourselves on a new stage with fresh people and elements that Life will offer. The ultimate point of this phase of development is to strength unions that are in harmony and resonate as well as break up those relationships that are stifling and can’t be saved.

Where one thing ends or doorways closes another doorway opens. This is Life’s sweet promise.

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