Adding Light to Life

What a perfect time to turn up the volume of light or Consciousness and return to the peaceful presence within yourself. We are in the midst of the “Festival of Lights” being celebrated all over the world.  With that said, each of us are invited to return to the sacred light at the core of our being.

To acknowledge the ‘sacred light within as Soul’ which is beyond any religion, dogma, brand or particular country. Light is Consciousness itself. We can turn up the volume of light instead of remaining in ignorance or fear. All of us can celebrate the Festival of Lights in our own way and be the love that is our true nature. We don’t need to buy anything to deeply enjoy the Spirit of the Season. Let love flow, this is much needed now.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the “yin phase” or more internal or hibernation phase of the season. However, soon the Winter Solstice will arrive and the “yang” or light return. We can appreciate the silence and stillness. We can light candles in the dark. If we  generate more awareness, tune into the peace, light and love that we are – imagine the healing influence it will generate.

Each of us can choose to go within and Be the Peace amongst stress, chaos or crisis. Peace is who we are at the core of our being, so we don’t have to do anything, attend a lecture or go anywhere to achieve Peace. As Soul or Consciousness, we are peace. It is part of our core essence. My perspective is that we are all interconnected and as soon as I choose to stay in Peace Consciousness during stressful or during a crisis, as I know this choice helps to radiate the energy into the environment and world around me.

Returning to or staying in Peace is not a forced thing. It is not mechanical or mental concept alone. It is natural and effortless when we get out of the mind. It’s like riding a bike. Being in Peace Consciousness – you still feel empathy and compassion for those who are going through things and suffering. However, you also realize you can choose your part in it and how you wish to contribute. When I return to peace within myself – I bring peace to the world. Continue to keep the light that you are.

Om Shanti (Peace)