Are you Letting the Grinch Steal Your Holiday Spirit?

By Dipali Desai

Holidays are designed to be holy days that invoke a sense of celebration, ritual and communion.  Something as simple as having fun with loved ones or baking cookies with friends, as well as enjoying a nice meal with those you appreciate. Over the years people have mentioned to me of how as soon as they hear the word holidays or see decorations, their energy sinks to the bottom of the dark pit (sometimes depression or melancholy).

It’s as if a person has made a binding contract with the Grinch to come into their mind, heart and life and steal your holiday Spirit and good cheer. An energy of “stay away” pours out and attempts to validate itself by picking apart the good in life.

In the end holidays become plague-like. And people start to moan, get sick and avoid dealing with them. The energy body has this mucky yucky green-tinge and the face has this frown upon it. A person can morph into looking like a version of the Grinch themselves given the chance. One single skewed fear-based perception has the power to hijack the cheer and goodwill of the holidays.

For the Grinch to act on your old contract of stealing your Holiday Spirit, you must give permission. If you do give permission, then you begin to entertain a repeating story and perception about the holidays such as “holidays are such a lonely time of year for me”,  “poor me, my life sucks” “I feel depressed when the holidays are here” “nobody cares about me during the holidays.” This only continues the never-ending cycle of sad, lonely, blue, fear and anxiousness. Bah humbug@!

From now until the end of the year, the prompting (feels like a Mac Truck pushing things with the breaks on) to shift something inside of us is so strong that the ripples flow into this Holiday Season of the Festival of Lights almost until Springtime of  2011. Give yourself a heart-felt gift of transforming how you perceive your situation this year. Start small and act on it to make the change concrete and real.

I would like to give an example of a skewed perception and truth. I had a few people say to me “I’m all alone,” when in fact they had children, family, friends and co-workers who are right there beside them. I asked them, is this really true? Are you a singleton on this planet, where nothing is alive except you? The look is one of blankness and the light-bulb goes off brightly, I can see the shift happening in moments.  Then the realization settles in that it is a story that is fed through repeating pattern or habit. The fact remains, if you don’t dissolve the walls that keep you in contract with the Grinch (symbolic of course) then you remain trapped within a world of illusion and suffering. One that energizes a story that really doesn’t serve you.

The truth is, we are never alone we are surrounded by the love that Life offers each second of the day. We are loved beyond measure from those who know us and those who may not know us but send prayers for people around the world. What a gift to give yourself, break the contract with the Grinch and make a new heart-centered agreement with yourself to feel the love ever-flowing within and around you. Reclaim your Spirit/Soul for it is always there waiting for you to acknowledge this relationship and to offer you so much more in life. Peace is natural part of your authentic Self. You can return to this with a breath and intention. Begin here, start now – small steps lead to big leaps before you know it.

Copyright 2010 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved.


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