“Dreaming of Death” ~Ask Dipali

Dear Dipali,
I keep dreaming of death. In specific, I dream the death of my mother over and over again in different ways but it is repeating dream for sure. When I wake up in the morning it does not feel so good and how impacts my day and life. In a way I feel fear and I do feel heavy and sad all day long. Could you share a bit of guidance on the dream symbolism here.

Thank you very much.

sponse from Dipali:

Hi – thanks for sending in your question.

There are many levels of interpreting dream symbolism. Let’s keep it simple and take it on the first level of understanding. The symbolic energy suggests it is possible an aspect, habit, pattern of you is dying or in the symbolic death process.

Repeat symbolism in dreams are bright neon flags that some awareness is trying to get your attention. The symbolism of death is in relation to the “inner mother” archetypal energy. Each of us has an inner mother/father energy. A part of you that is nurturing is going through a metamorphosis process.

If your mother is still alive there may also be a transformation or change in your relationship with each other. It may have layers so do not be hesitant if its more than one time you need to work with and feel through all of this. Make sure you give yourself safe space to feel through the emotions because it feels as if you need to move through the grief arising from deep within. Flower essences/remedies will help tremendously on an emotional and psychological process.

Reflect on how well you do in the letting go process. What do you need to let go of or release? Look at the emotions and fears that are perhaps hindering the process. Death symbolizes that energy transforms from one form to another – it is nothing to fear but if we take time to understand it we can embrace this aspect of life empowered and with awareness.
All the Best,