Attachments Get in the Way

Have you ever noticed the more attached you become to someone or something the more suffering there is? Or how attachment creates fear of loss within you and in a relationship the other person feels smothered. Attachment may even stifle the progress of a situation or project or your Spiritual growth.

Buddha’s teachings of the Four Noble Truths mentions that all suffering comes from attachment.

If you do not learn to allow Life to flow and stay fixated or try to control too much – it generates so much friction and stress that in the end all suffer including you. It is helpful to begin to let go of major attachments to outcomes, fixated opinions of how it should be and controlling people to suit your own ego’s desires. Let go and allow the energy to flow.

As you drop this resistance from attachment, the energy begins to flow and move again. Change is constant and nothing remains the same. It may help to have preferences instead. “I prefer to… or My preference is… yet I remain open…” It is a different feeling of vibration and Consciousness.

So what is the key difference between attachment and preference? When you prefer something, you are open and allowing and  you are accepting the outcome knowing it will help you evolve. Happiness remains everlasting here because your personal power remains intact inside of you. You are empowered being ready to adapt and move with Life.

When there is attachment, like a deflated balloon your happiness, joy and openness loses air and you become unhappy instantly. Why? Your happiness is based on an external and you have given your power away to it.

Having preferences is still very empowered and strong and you are not at the mercy of being a doormat to life. One the path to awakening, you realize that you prefer to move with life and look for the underlying purpose of why things did not manifest the way you thought or wanted.  It is helpful to practice learning to trust Life and letting go of attachments which are unhealthy and stifling your growth and progress. And begin to look for the joy in the gift of change.

© Copyright 2012 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved.