Roll with It; Uncertainty

In life there feels to be an ongoing state of uncertainty. People, places, landmarks, projects all change. Everything is up in the air.  Some things dying away. Nothing remains exactly the same even if the physical appearance seems to appear the same. It can leave you feeling perpetual chaotic and stressful inside. The stomach knots up, mind races, sleepless nights and you are in constant anxiety as you keep entertaining the worst case scenarios.  It can trigger the fear-based perception that the Universe is not a safe place to be. That life is against you. Is it?

What remains the same?

Your Essence/Soul/Spirit remains unaltered and is steadfast during times of uncertainty and change. In reality, the Universe in its full glory is  safe, loving and benevolent. It is the conditioned mind’s perception that Universe or life is bad or not trustworthy.

One of the most pressing questions “What will happen next?” What do you want to happen? Or shall I ask what does your ego expect to happen next? What the Soul wants to experience next may be very different. Are you ready for to digest this truth? To fully accept it? If not, the ego/mind goes about struggling to keep the status quo in check by controlling people, situations and circumstances so things go the way its suppose to be or “known” to be.

The wonder and mystery of infinite possibilities manifests in the unknown. The state of uncertainty that many may be feeling this month is something to celebrate and rejoice. This is Spirit in Action. There is Grace flowing in. The balance is being restored. As this month unfolds, whatever is happening in your life is happening. Full stop. Face it, heal it, work with it. Because life brings you exactly what’s next on the agenda. And of course the mind and ego go ballistic and even hunker down and resist what is happening.  Life in its brilliance is much more loving and wiser than the egoic mind can ever be. Though both can work hand in hand rather than the egoic mind engaging in war-like tendencies and maneuvers.

What would it be like to feel the adventurous energy of the unknown? What would it feel like to feel at ease with uncertainty knowing this is where the Universe is at work cooking up something delicious and evolutionary?

What will you do with the uncertainity that is happening now? Roll with it or go into lock down?

2 thoughts

  1. Thank you! I really needed this now. And yes, I am rolling with it but sometimes I hit bumps and sometimes I forget to enjoy the ride no matter where it takes me.

    You are truly inspiring and I will be back for more of your beam.

    Love and light,


    1. Welcome, thanks for sharing your perspective on things right now. So true, we do come up against snags
      and then we push through and see we had strength in us all along.

      All the best to you!

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