Your Voice on Stereo Sound

When Spirit meets Action, when your Voice needs to be on Stereo sound. There comes a time when a person needs to speak up and say Truth. I’ve found in observing people and especially spiritual seekers (or lightworkers) a variety of things regarding the topic. Either speaking up and speaking Truth is like an act of aggressive War. Like daggers flying out from the voice and shield in hand -and I’ve seen spiritual seekers and lightworkers do this in the name of “speaking their truth.”

Or speaking up, is brushed aside in favor of doing the spiritual -light and love thing. Say nothing, keep letting it go. In the hope it disappears into the next dimension. Disconnect to the point of compromising your sense of self. Transcend the situation, person or thing. Do not engage. Or be spiritual and keep saying sweet things (which ultimately is the fake sugar coating.) This whole thing of the love-light syndrome is running amuck. Wake up, shake it off. Take a good look at this.

Other times, people don’t know what to do so they avoid, deny and shove into the closet. Some side-step like a dance to distract from really addressing the situation. Until one day their Throat Energy Center becomes clogged, stuckand imbalanced. Their voice is never used in the way it needs to be.

Where is the middle ground? Is there one? Yes. There is a time that golden silence is useful. Other times speaking up is highly necessary and it is must be done. There must be expression.

Is speaking up to speak your truth an act of Self-Love? Yes. Do you need to say so if someone crosses the line. Yes. How long do you give a person or situation before you speak up and say your Truth? Once, twice or three times. Yes Beyond that you are venturing into becoming a doormat. To honor yourself, and speak up if something or someone is crossing the line is Soul in Action tempered with compassion. It can be done assertively and lovingly. Sometimes not so graceful and others time is flows easily.

Sometimes claiming your space by speaking up is a practice for you to apply the very core truth of being loving to yourself. Speaking your truth is done from a place of Power, not necessarily force. It comes from your Soul. There are moments in life where you need to define the boundaries by speaking up, “this is how far I’m willing to go.”

You can ask yourself this question; How far am I willing to go before I compromise my self-worth, value or self-love?

I know I’ve had plenty of instances where I had to use my voice. I’ve seen myself a bit too soft and loving when I really needed to be assertive and compassionate. At times when I did use my voice, I felt bad afterwards – thinking I may have hurt another person or created more chaos somehow. That kept me neither here nor there. I began to take notice of this years ago at a Retreat where I was learning to harness this power through energy work. We were told to bring up the energy and use it with physical movement and voice. Not force or lungs. But really from this “core raw power” part within myself. I could not. It came out soft and timid. I realized, it had been tucked away. That was a shock, since I had always seen myself getting things done in life.

How had this energy part become submersed? When? It was a challenge that brought self-awareness. It took me to realize that I had swung to extremes. I began at a young age with speaking with directness, love and compassion. As I became a Spiritual Seeker on the path, I was taught and accepted a different way thereby turning into a Soft Mushy Lump of Vocal Expression. Why? Because it was spiritual. Or so I thought. Since then, I have shifted gears. It was a wonderful revelation and teaching for me. Finding the Balance within my Voice. Now when I do allow that energy and power to flow through my voice, it is tempered with much compassion and love. Whether it comes out raw and spontaneously or fluidly and gracefully. I know from within my heart it needs to be done.

Each day life brings opportunities to really express yourself authentically. Each experience from moment to moment varies. Some Truths are great guidelines no matter the experience. Self-love and speaking your truth from a place of Power – Soul in Action is one of them. Find your balance as you use your Voice in speaking up.