One Light, Many Festivals of Light

The Festival of Lights is celebrate all across the world in many cultures and in various ways. Each place around the world express beauty, sacred rituals and ceremonies in their own unique way. We have the opportunity to honor the diversity of life. There are common symbols used in each festival across the world. And each one carries a similar Universal thread.  The Festival of Lights are meant to be joyous celebrations. And yet the holy-days (holidays) becomes a stressful burden or depressed time for some people.

My perspective regarding the Festival of Lights represents stirring us from ignorance or ‘darkness’ into that of our true nature Soul or ‘light’ once again. We expand out of the dim, dark, dreary and fearful into the warmth, love and awareness of Consciousness knowing itself once again. We allow light (awareness) to be like an x-ray, revealing to us where we are not living an authentic life. Where love seems to be lacking and even where we give away our power to external sources. The Festival of Lights is a remembrance. To remember who we really are outside of the role we play as human beings. Each one of us are symbolic candles, with an inner sacred flame. As we consciously allow this light to expand within us we light up the physical world.

The heart opens and softens at the mere sight of glowing candles and gentle uplifting music or being with loved ones that also have the joy of Spirit moving through them. The scents, sounds, tastes, touch lifts us into another realm. To me, this celebration not about the materialism (gifts) but rather about the meaning and purpose from the heart. How the creative energy is expressed and shared with others. Our sense of community and appreciating the life we have been given. Even something simple as a handmade card can have tremendous impact when it is given to someone with love and awareness.

It is a choice. We make a powerful choice each year to continue being entangled in stress and even resentments during the Festival of Lights (holidays). Or we step back and have courage to break free of the old expectations and change things up to match who we are in the moment. We don’t have to engage in stress. We can make it joyful and simple once again. A celebration of the heart, an expansion of light and one that is deeply spiritual in nature. Isn’t this the core meaning of the Festival of Lights?

During the Festival of Lights, seek to share the deepest joy possible. Express the love that you are. And change one thing that creates stress during the holidays, and free yourself from the entanglement. Bring light (awareness) into your being and life now. The joy is awaiting you.

How will you be celebrating the Festival of Lights where you are? Share your comments and feedback here on the blog!