5 Quick Tips to Spring Forward

What type of spring cleaning will you do as the Spring Equinox arrives on March 20th, 2013? Inside the body such as a detox?  Letting go excess weight and toning up the physical body? Altering your your exercise routine? Or will you tidy up the garden, garage or rooms within the home? The urge to cleanse and clear away is building as we feel the warmth of Spring-time arriving.
It is the perfect time to lighten up both inside the body and around your environment. Here are few quick tips on how to jump-start the process without overdoing it. Make it fun for yourself and the kids. Take 2 minutes to write down your plan of action and then go for it! Read more on the Vernal Equinox on Dipali’s Astrology Blog. If you are ready to create changes in your life or want more clarity and guidance – Book an Appointment with Dipali NOW

5 Tips to Spring Forward
easy, simple and manageable

  1. Drink plenty of fresh pure water
  2. Eat organic colorful salads & change up your food intake
  3. De-clutter your environment
  4. De-clutter the mind, put excess books aside and put into practice ideas
  5. Plan fresh exercise & stretching routine to invigorate the physical body.

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