Healing From the Transition

As loves ones or beloved animal companions move through a big transition from the physical into energy form, which we call death and dying – it is a huge change for everyone. Not one person or animal is left untouched by the major change. It is a time of transformation and healing.

A person can stay stuck in an endless cycle of loss, grief and lack. It is very important to heal from the transition whether it is a big one or small one.

Whenever I have had the honor of channeling loved ones for someone, as an observer I see how the loved one who has crossed over to the other side of the veil, urge, state and even at times beg their loved one who is still in the physical body to “heal” from the transition. That is, to find ways to move through the loss and into a state of happiness and well-being.

If you choose to say yes to healing after the initial grief then you make your loved one(s) extremely happy on the other side. It is a commitment to live life to the fullest and to your potential. Nothing could be better for everyone involved.

The first phase for some people is to communicate to their loved one who has died. When person comes with an open mind and heart, there is incredible potential. They come to me in a private session. Being an authentic Spiritual medium from birth, I am honored to be a bridge and to help in the transition process.

The individual(s) experience a shift in Consciousness whether they full realize it or not. There is profound healing that occurs to, whether one feels or not during a private session or a group reading. Sometimes one session is not completely enough, a second follow-up helps support the changes in a major way since my work includes Energy healing. This can be determined according to individual needs.

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