Forgiveness, a Soul-level Perspective

When you think about forgiveness what comes into your mind or awareness? Oftentimes, people or clients I talk to forgive from the intellectual level. It is easy to forgive from the level of thought or mind. It is detached process. Yet, when I ask how does that past experience feel to you today? Do you still feel resentment or a sting, I hear “yes.” This represents genuine forgiveness from all levels has not fully occurred. The heart energy center is not on board, and it may be that energy center may be down or closed altogether. So in a way a person remains stuck with that hurtful or painful situation without realizing it.

From a Soul-level perspective, is when you see the entire situation from the Soul-level, wisdom or greater awareness, there is no blame or who is right and who is wrong. There is an acceptance that “This experience was brought into my life so I can expand love, evolve and heal further on the journey in life.” This is very empowering to you and to the other person because you are not choosing to be engaged in a power struggle. The conflict ceases to exist both within your mind, heart and being as well as the invisible thread with the “other person or situation.”

Who or what are you forgiving?

When each person sees the “Other” as Consciousness or the Divine, there is no forgiveness required. The entire situation is a golden opportunity on the Spiritual path or the path of self-discovery. There is simply a letting go of the perception that there was a right/wrong. The shift in perception and inquiry of “What is it that I’m experiencing? What is it that I’m learning? What is it that I need to practice?” And then go forth from there to “how can I heal and let go and move on?”

“How can I forgive the other for their ignorance?” You can, when you recognize they are at a certain level of Consciousness. They are only capable to be and function from that place. Ignorance is a lack of awareness and understanding. You don’t have stuck in that spot with the other person. As you realize that is their learning. You begin to separate yourself from the ego to ego power struggle of good/bad, right/wrong etc.

It is through expanding love and an open heart. It is seeing the experiencing was valuable for you to recognize something and to make adjustments accordingly. Of course this does not mean you condone the other person’s choices, behaviors or actions. Not at all. It means, you are discerning what is yours to be responsible for and what is their to take responsibility for. But you realize you are not the judge and jury nor do you want to stay attached to unhealthy energy or situation which is what happens when one does not fully let go on all levels; Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical……. with love.

What has caused the hurt?

It is your perception of how you interpreted the experience as well as how you are processing the emotions or emotional reaction to it. The hurt or pain has an incredibly important purpose…. to increase awareness on the Spiritual path.

How does one let go and fully move on?

What is very helpful is an open mind, heart and expanded awareness that the experience is there to help you evolve and grow as well as to get to know yourself through the situation or become conscious of what you didn’t realize about yourself and or the other(s). To perceive the entirety of the situation through Soul-level perception.

A painful or condition of suffering closes the heart energy center (chakra). There is a shut down or shutting off of what is joyful in life as well as the sweet innocence. When this area is first addressed and opened and functioning again – there can be a fullness to healing and letting go without being tangled up in the right/wrong, victim/perpetrator dynamic with is dualistic thinking.

Increase of self-awareness

Through the perceived hurt or harmful situation, you can recognize where you have not been loving, kind, empowering or helpful towards yourself in any given situation. As an example, the Other person treats you…how you treat yourself. Sometimes it is that you do not set healthy guidelines or stand up for yourself by being assertive. Other times it could be you don’t speak up for yourself and so forth. Through these rough and tumbled experiences, the main focus is expanding self-awareness, bringing the light of understanding into those dim gray areas where love and or trust is missing.

Working with an open heart energy center also helps one to pour love onto the hurt, to heal and move on towards greater freedom and awareness. To forgive is to open your heart energy and accept the Spiritual insight of the experience and then be able to fully move on all levels of your being. All of you has to be on board for a full scope of opening the heart energy.

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