Opening the Way to Give Back to Those Who Nourish Your Being

l8eh32y3Sometimes people forget to give to those who inspire, uplift or nourish their being. It is taken for granted and sometimes done on auto-pilot.

It is very beneficial to open the way to give back to those who have nourished and inspired your being in some way. You are extending good wishes through your purposeful action.Opening the circuit of giving and receiving is important. For some it is easy to give, for others easy to receive. A nice equal flow of both giving and receiving is healthier.

This way of giving from the heart, some call it tithing others call it goodwill, is an incredibly powerful way to keep the energy moving. And to live and express from Propersity Consciousness, you want to be sure the energy flows both in the receiving and giving pathways – to and from you. This helps you align with both trust and Prosperity Consciousness.

The amount does not matter as does the intention and action of giving.

Fear and living in survival mode prevents you from seeing things clearly. It’s a all consuming box of worry and limitation. It tends to keep a person contracted rather than expanding. For instance, what if you can really can give small amount of money to extend good wishes, yet you are being too frugal? When you give, do you worry or fear about not having enough money money and even 5 or 10 years down the road? Do you just think of your needs and your suffering without considering other people may be in a similar situation as you? These blinders do not help you have awareness and thus you may stuck stuck in continuous circle of lack, limitation and taking.

What if you have been hoarding and collecting items to the point of overly cluttering your space (they go bad, don’t fit, out of style and you end up throwing it out?) and then complain you do not have money to give to someone else. Simple solution is; cut back in buying one item and give that money to someone else.

These are two simple examples that show how stifled the energy can be, going to and from you in that state.

1.) With a clear intent giving to someone who has been selfless and given to you is loving-kindness in motion. Remember, those people also are on the Earth with the similar responsibility of paying bills, living day-to-day, having food, medical bills, insurance, maintain the website or blog etc. You can give of money, something they need or offer helping hand in some way. You can send referrals their way. There are so many creative things you can do if your mind and heart is on board.

2.) How to determine who to give to? That’s a great question. It is someone who gives without expectations, who is selfless and continuous to offer rich and inspiring things to your being. Someone who you know is doing wonderful work to lift the community, humanity and others. Someone who is consistent and compassionate. You know this person is self-sufficient and is not a dependent or needy person. You get the drift of how to determine who to give to.

Stop and reflect who gives to you? Who do you feel inspired to give back to if they have genuinely inspired you or continue to on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? Wouldn’t it be heart-warming to brighten their day by giving something sweet and unexpected?

Whether you read a great article, listened to a free Mp3 audio file or attended a live free event, you have received and sometimes been receiving in multitude of ways, isn’t it time to spontaneously give back?

To help others out the way you are being helped or nourished is wonderful and it is also practicing expressing from a level of “Oneness.”

Give back to whom you feel you are guided to. It can be anyone you meet, a clerk, a store owner, a waitress, teacher, author, counselor, doctor, mechanic, healer, bank teller, receptionist….. whomever your heart and Soul says.

You can alternate and spread goodwill once a month. And the flow of giving and receiving becomes even more magical.

When we practice this type of giving and receive with no expectations we are aligning with a higher flow of abundance and Prosperity Consciousness. We are trusting that as we give, we receive. Or rather, since we have received we will give freely, especially to those who have uplifted, inspired or assisted you genuinely in some way.

If you are sincere about wanting to move out of “lack consciousness” and into Prosperity Consciousness, this article has given you a simple yet effective way to practice shifting from survival mode into trusting and opening the flow of giving and receiving within your being.

Who will you spontaneous surprise by giving back to?

© Copyright 2014  Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved