Discernment and Psychic Readings

The world of “Psychic readings” may appear glamorous, fascinating, alluring and yet it can be painful, fear-based and certainly dis-empowering if the individual chooses a “Reader” that is not aligned with integrity and has refined level of Consciousness. Many people don’t realize that going to a psychic, intuitive or any type of “reader” does not mean you will receive clear accurate guidance.

The information you receive will be based on the level of Consciousness of the person who is giving the reading  a psychic or tarot reader. The individual wanting a reading must apply a level of discernment, common sense and wisdom when selecting someone to give you a reading – psychic or otherwise.

One of the big lessons for people who go to random psychics and “readers” of all kinds (tea leaf, crystal ball, boardwalk, tarot etc.) without discernment is that they are drawn to or attracted to a “reader” that matches their Fear or shadow self. Desperation may draw you towards someone who will or may take advantage of you.

Meaning, the individual hears their “worst fear” come through the reader. Or the reader who is not aligned in integrity takes advantage of the fear from the individual in some way.

So the “random reader” is the manifestation of the fear reflecting back to the individual. So this then adds SO much more doubt, increases negativity and fear in the individual. Then they seek out another “reader” until they “hear” what they want. It can be addictive and disorienting to a person. Yet it all becomes convoluted and distorted. This is what some people go through.

Other people have paid high amounts of money for “curses” to be broken and only this “reader” has the power to remove it. The individual pays, a high price I may add, and is left with a sour taste and fear since the”random reader” swindled them out of large amounts of money. But the individual is then left with a huge amount of “fear” about a curse that may still be ruining their lives.

This is happening and young teenagers are also being swept into this. So you can see how it creates a powerlessness and mistrust and pain when a person does not “choose wisely” when selecting a Psychic or any type of reader.

Let’s say it is 50% percent discernment of the Individual and 50% percent of the integrity of the reader which makes for a mutually healthy momentary partnership. An individual can’t “blame” the reader entirely for being taken advantage of if the individual didn’t use their power of choice, research and wisdom in making the decision – you get my drift. An individual only becomes the “victim” when they don’t use their common sense and wisdom in making healthy loving choices.

Then there is the going to “too many readers” is like making up of goo for information. When you find someone you trust who has been accurate and you feel empowered, trust the process. Going to too many “readers” will only add to a massive amount of confusion, not to mention it may add to doubt and negativity and mistrust too.

I can go on and on about the subject. There are so many examples out there.

Yet, when you are in touch with a naturally gifted “reader” who has integrity and is compassionate and is evolving – it is a rich blessing and a gift for both the individual and the reader. The session becomes a wonderful fertile ground where Spirit or the Universe bestows support, love and very helpful guidance. There are many wonderfully empowering and kind “readers” out there. You have to use and apply a level of discernment and use your power of choice wisely to be drawn to them.

As a part of My Work… I offer clear accurate Spiritual Intuitive readings/session. You can call it intuitive, psychic, call it spiritual medium-ship, psychic astrology, energy healing, call it whatever you want. We can use any and all types of labels. But it is just a label.

I work beyond labels. I bring a clear focus towards providing high level, quality guidance so it helps the person to evolve. My own journey has brought me to and continues to bring me to higher refined states of Consciousness. Which means, I strive for the highest accurate and best within myself so I can be a clear channel and conduit for others. This represents the space in which I share during readings is high vibrational sacred space.

During a reading/session, the type of guidance  I bring forth is higher Spiritual  Soul-level Guidance based in love and trust shared with wisdom and compassion to the person asking for the reading. I draw on the highest level – Soul to help you as your human self to live a happier, healthier, empowered life. The guidance will help questions related to all matters of the heart and life and more.

Here are some additional suggestions:

A genuine high quality Psychic, Intuitive, Spiritual, Mediumship “reading” or guidance will be:

1.) loving and in a sacred space
2.) compassionate and with wisdom
3.) empowering
4.) help you deepen trust and adds value to your life
5.) help you to grow as a person
6.) help you to increase your health and well-being
7.) non-judgmental
8.) honest and direct
9.) supports you as the ultimate decision-maker of your life and provides suggestions and possibilities to help you live a happier meaningful life.
10.) shares guidance on what you NEED not always what you want. That is how the Universe works.
11.) upfront about what may or may not be a part of the reading/session.
12.) help you to see the best and highest potential of yourself.

The individual MUST discern, must be selective and see if the person they are asking a reading from resonates with them and is trustworthy. If the person says things that are fear-based or helps a person become more empowered. If the “reader” is not walking their talk and is not evolving — then they may not be the best source of guidance for you as their Consciousness is not refined thus the information may come through distorted.

There are stages of a “Reader” as they grow and advance so does the level or quality of guidance that comes through them.

It is wise to Walk away if you find the Reader or Reading:
a.) Tells you things in a fixed, fatalistic fear-based way
b.) Forces you to do something unnatural or increases negative fear
c.) Asks money to break a curse for an extremely high price or puts fear into you that you will “never” be free of the curse unless the “reader” helps you several times for high fee.
d.) Dominates or imposes something that is negative
e.) Tells you they have the power to make your life happy

The basis of this article is to encourage you to be “discerning” like a sieve and to love yourself enough to slow down and ask the right helpful questions before the reading, during the reading and afterwards! Ask the Universe to help you be drawn to a “reader” that is for your highest good, empowering, based in integrity. Then allow it to happen.


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