Having a Strong Base

Have you noticed when your base or grounding is off, even the slightest situation that arises that is stressful or difficult throws you off kilter? Your whole life feels to be tossed upside down at that point. Sometimes it is difficult to get get back up, aligned and other times is may be easier. This also happens in a relationship with another. It’s important to have a strong base to work from, or rather a solid energetic connection and real grounding under your feet. It begins energetically or within the energy system.

Then within an individual, the physical body has a strong base or sense of committed purpose and grounding. It is a feeling of strength and wisdom to meet life. When situations arise which are rocky and really difficult, the base provides that perfect platform to handle the issue or crisis. This is real grounding and not just a theory.

Take the example of an oak tree. It has a strong trunk, base and roots into the Earth. It is not hovering in the air, thinking its way to having a strong base or floating about like a good idea hoping to be “grounded” upon the Earth. Or it thinks…one day I’ll be grounded a future idea that sounds good. You get the drift here. The Oak tree is really connected, in the present moment, and has a deep and lasting connection as long as it remains alive and well taken care of. A healthy Oak tree has a strong base within itself, to the Earth, animals and all of Nature including human beings. It receives and it gives. The energetic flow is strong both ways.

Not only do individuals need this or rather requires a strong base/grounding, but so does a relationship. Each relationship that has value in your life has to have a strong base from which it stems or works from. If the base is faulty, cracked, insecure, false, theory based or simply breaking down – then it ripples into the rest of the relationship.

To be a conscious individual or one that is a Spiritual seeker, from time to time this contemplation, review and pragmatic changes are like a ‘tune up’ both energetically and on the physical level for both the individual and the relationship. Similar to a car, you can’t just keep driving without oil changes, fuel and a so many thousand mile check up.

Life continues to bring things to help both individuals and relationships evolve. But if the base or energetic connection and grounding is weak and dysfunctional or non-existent then any curve balls that come up will most certainly send you and or the relationship knocked off its center. Usually, the fear-based survival mentality or consciousness kicks into gear and thus begins the repeated lessons and suffering.

Where does one start? Within yourself. First energetically, at the first energy center (1st chakra) and then what you do on a physical level to establish strength such as being in Nature, nutrition, well-being, organization, exercise, movement etc. Once you are strong, steadfast and have a solid energetic connection and grounding, then you bring that easily into a relationship. Or you attract a potential relationship partner that matches in resonance. There you go. Now is the time, go deeply to examine…what is your base like today?

You can ask yourself these questions during contemplation:

  • What is comprised of the “base” of myself and or the relationship: is it strong, aligned in integrity and nurtured?
  • What state is the “base” in today within myself and or the relationship? Does it need upgrade, healing, changes?
  • What types of Soul-level qualities can be added to enhance the base to the next level within myself and or the relationship?

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