Energetic Healing

MdkjHealing is often addressed through the physical level only through conventional medicine. For example, you are your body. From a more expanded perspective, you are more than your physical body. You have other levels or bodies beside the physical. What are they?

You have an emotional, energetic, mental and Spiritual body in addition there are other more subtle bodies.  There is also your auric field and energy centers called “chakras” (pronounced chuck-rahs not shock-rahs). How one works with the energy body and energetic field is really important for health and wellness as this impacts and influences the physical body’s health and wellness in the end.

Energy Healing can be of tremendous value and compliment what a person does on a physical level to heal and experience an overall sense of well-being. What makes a person up is their energetic field of Consciousness or also known as the Aura.

In acupuncture, a person gets a treatment in relation to working with meridians, where one’s life-force energy moves through these lines. If obstructed, a persons ability to heal, feel energetic and well-balanced may be affected.

When the energy centers/chakras are open, lines of light known as meridians are flowing and overall the 5 Body system is in ongoing flow, one experiences a greater well-being and vitality. Energy medicine takes the perspective that a person needs to heal the underlying issue to heal the physical issue. Ongoing chakra or energy center balancing and adjustments for optimal health is extremely beneficial.

Let’s take the example of depression, any range of it. What a person may experience is heaviness, roller coaster of emotions, loss of joy for life, pessimism to cynicism, unable to feel love, lacking creative expression, negativity and ache in the back around the spine and shoulder blades as well as heaviness in the center of the chest like its hard to breathe.

A person can take medicine for depression to help them become stabilized. This can help as a starting point. Yet, beyond that, the next step is one must go deeper into the other layers or levels of the energetic field of Consciousness or also known as the Aura and energy centers/chakras.

Under the depression may be layers of distorted perception, limited beliefs and of course unresolved emotions. A person may have not even recognized the Spiritual insight that accompanies each issue. What may need to be worked on through energy healing and balancing is the heart energy center front and or back plus unfelt emotions as well as a process of forgiveness. This is a very brief example of a issue that arises for many people.

During a Energy Balancing Session, either locally or distant healing, Dipali and the client addresses the underlying issues on the other levels of a person’s energetic field so that the person is able to find relief and real lasting healing into the physical body.

A simple way to understand what happens during energy healing session is that Dipali is the conduit for higher Spiritual Energy Transmission to flow through her, with a crystal clear intention and the permission and cooperation with the client, the healing space is created. It is a meditative space, there is minimal talking unless Dipali or the client feels a need to say or share something. It is a relaxed open space for healing to occur naturally.

The frequency and vibration that Dipali is able to transmit is high. She allows the healing energy to help untangle the energy or helps create space for the blocked energy to begin to flow again. The client is held within a sacred healing space to move through the issue and healing transpires. Of course this is a simple and easiest way to understand what happens, in reality energetic healing is much more of an intricate process and techniques than this.

At times, deeper more embedded or life long issues tend to requires a series of healing sessions as there are layers to the healing itself, while other times it can be addressed swiftly in a single session.

Energy is not bound by time/space continuum. Energy healing therefore it very effective through long distance. Anyone anywhere in the world can experience it.

Energy medicine compliments traditional medicine. From Dipali’s perspective energy healing and medicine is meant to bring greater harmony within a person on a physical level as well as other levels such as emotional, energetic, mental and Spiritual levels.

Dipali  always recommends the client needs to consult with their medical professional before making any major decisions. Conventional medicine is useful and also has value when things are really off-balance or at an extreme point.

Energy medicine and healing can be very helpful in treating the entire person not just physical body. Both compliment each other very well.

Are you interested to experience a greater sense of well-being and healing?

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