Remember Who You Are Beyond the Physical Body

fdfh23Have you ever asked yourself who you are beyond the physical body that you have or the name you have been given? Who are you outside of the status, roles you play and masks you wear to the world at large? This is a wonderful self-reflective question and at the same time it is a challenge to see beyond what the physical eyes see. It is too easy to believe the illusion that the physical body and its borders are it. Life stops there. There is more to it.

You are invited to remember who you are beyond the physical body. To remember yourself as pure awareness, as Consciousness, as energy, as spaciousness. The authentic you who is formless and is eternal. It is very likely this creates an upset within the mind and possible avoidance since it feels so deep to “go there.”  Challenge yourself to go deep. Move beyond the old definitions and limited beliefs. Expand your awareness and explore new ideas and perception. You are indeed more than your physical body.

Deep within yourself to remember who you are beyond the roles you play and status you have gained in the physical world. You as Soul, as Consciousness is that which is eternal, everlasting and has never been born and never shall die. What a relief. You will live on and the body will peel away.

So it is that the physical body, like a shell or petal falls away upon physical death. And yet your real nature, as Soul lives on as pure energy. The journey then continues. Does this activate anything within you? Does this resonate with something inside of your heart? Sometimes experiencing deep Energy Healing can provide you the open space to feel who you are outside of what the mind perceives. It’s like a gentle outline, a quiet yet precise knowingness that has always been there. Through Energetic Healing Session, the stagnant energy begins to be cleansed, healed and realigned where you can begin to have more direct access to this internal guidance and connection to your Soul.

If it is a yes, then you know… it is time to start to expand outside of the physical world and get to know the non-visible or energetic dimension of reality. In this a whole new perspective opens up. One that is truly majestic and life-altering.

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