Prana Equals Energy

If you are doing your yoga and meditation in the precise way it is designed to be utilized there is no need for coffee, alcohol or any other stimulants or relaxing agents. After attending meditation classes or events with me, participants are easily and effortlessly relaxed or energized – even more so than if they drank a glass of wine or drank an espresso.  You too can experience this and enjoy a cup of whatever, in moderation rather than becoming “dependent” on it to give you more energy. Why not find real prana that is always flowing? It costs less than a coffee addiction.

The main aim of a regular meditation, yoga or Spiritual practice of any type is to assist the individual to connect with real prana, chi, life-force. To connect with Universal energy that is limitless and always flowing. It is also to help remove any and all obstacles that prevent the individual from accessing this limitless Universal energy and to release stuck, numb, blocked or repressed energies within one’s being and energetic field.

It is important to tune in and have awareness as to what you are taking in that provides you “energy” prana, chi, life-force. Is it alive, organic and nourishing? This will continue to give a natural high without harmful side-effects.

Are you taking in artificial stimulants, relaxants and such which give you a temporary high and thus create a lot of other side-effects? And if yes, then why? What is the underlying need you are ignoring? Is it more physical exercise? Is it the need to eat more organic fresh foods? Is it more sleep?

So America or the World does not have to rely on coffee for prana (energy and vitality). Drinking a coffee, tea or whatever is then a conscious choice without any justification or dependence.  Savor the tea, cup of fresh organic coffee do so for what it is rather than relying on it for daily energy.

To be conscious and live your life to the fullest, you do need to ask yourself… how do I increase and sustain my prana/chi/life-force which is energy = vitality. Just like an airplane needs fuel for the take off, to fly across the globe and land, the physical body and energy field needs real energy to live life to the fullest for the long-term. Therefore what you ingest on all levels is really important.

Prana equals energy, find what provides you long lasting healthy energy. This is an important choice and action along the path of self-discovery and awakening.

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