Self-Awareness When Using Cell/Mobile Phones

Modern technology is amazing. We use it every day and it certainly helps us to get more done in less time. Not to mention it helps us to have free time to focus on what’s important in life or even get help during an emergency.

One thing that has become a commonplace is  impact of cell/mobile phones have on people and the surroundings. I’m speaking not just about the harmful energy waves, but rather, how it affects and impacts people and the peacefulness of the environment.

This is a glitch of modern technology, especially when it makes a person more self-absorbed or selfish than have consideration for others too.  Let me explain further.  And this article not a judgment, more like a wake up call of awareness sounding off.

Here is a simple example:
You are: out in public while food shopping, trying to get work done in your office environment, in a park while walking or even in a restaurant during dinner – A person decides to use their mobile/cell phone. And so begins the conversation. Yet, this person   may only be thinking of themselves and the person they are speaking to on the other end. So in a way they are lost in the “auto-pilot zone” of chatter unaware of their surroundings at this point.

The noise level of their conversation is for all to hear and mind you, the volume escalates. You hear every last detail, pitch, tone and even things you prefer not to. You are sitting nearby, standing next to or in an office two feet away and are not even being considered. It’s like you are invisible to this person, and they are in the ‘trance.’ Even while walking in nature, in a nearby park you are walking next to someone who is immersed in a conversation on their cell/mobile phone. Who cares if it disturbs your walk in nature. The person is totally in the cell/mobile phone zone.

What about the surrounding environment? What about the people? What about the animals? Where is the consideration? What if the shoe was on the other foot, would the other person be as tolerant or patient if it was happening to them? Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not so much using the mobile/cell phone that is the main problem, but rather, the volume control while using it.  I don’t know about you but I would rather not hear the details of a person’s situation and the private information if I don’t have to. I don’t want to know.

Yet, it’s a fact that this scenario happens daily to someone somewhere. It’s like there’s no escaping it. What if one day just like smoking is banned from buildings and public settings – cell/mobile phones are too due to the over use and imbalance? In a way,  is getting to the point that where the usage of this modern device can become toxic, annoying and even disturbing to the environment.

Generally speaking; people who are using the mobile/cell phones are not “self-aware” of themselves – ie:  the level of their voice or what they are spewing out. And most importantly, if it impacts or affects people around them. They don’t really care because they are lost in the self-absorption of it all.  It is their Universe and you are a bystander. The slip up of being loud on the cell/mobile phone happens to all of us once in a while or during an emergency.  When it becomes regular and an habitual thing, that’s a total lack of consideration for the person, animal or living thing near by.

There is a time and place for everything. Find a quiet spot. Go into your personal office or car. Go into your house or move to the end of the aisle where there is no one there.  Or keep your voice down if you have to use the mobile/cell phone in a public setting.  People ought to care how it impacts their surroundings. Does it create harmony and goodwill or agitation and problems?

Let’s choose to use modern technology wisely rather than it running our lives or running the show in our lives. Let’s be more conscious, aware and considerate of others and our surroundings as well as how we choose to use cellphones/mobile phone each day. What the adults do the children follow… what type of example are you setting?

Mobile/Cell Phone Simple Etiquette:
1.) Become self-aware and mindful where, when you are using it. Snap out of the auto-pilot zone.

2.) Notice your volume when speaking in the conversation as well how high you keep the volume where one can hear the other person on the other end clearly across a room. If you realize the conversation is escalating ie; shouting then make a location change or stop the conversation and pick it up later in a private setting. Choose to your voice to a moderate to quiet spectrum.

3.) Choose to use it when you are in a private place, car, home or office. The intricate details of your conversation are kept private rather than broadcasting on a loudspeaker for the world to hear.

4.) If you realize you disrupted the environment, be responsible and make the adjustment or correct the situation, or not repeat it and apologize if need be. This shows your consideration to others.

5.) Change the habit. If you have gotten into a bad habit, make genuine effort to change it. Mobile/Cellphones have not so wonderful energies that influence our energy fields. So being on it constantly may be harmful.

6.) If using the Mobile/Cellphone has become a semi- or outright addiction, then start to re-balance yourself. Modern Technology should not be running your life!


 Copyright 2016 -Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved