Breaking Out of the Box: Real Meaning of Astrology

By Dipali Desai

You are invited to re-think astrology. To break out of the box or limiting perceptions or beliefs. Astrology is not woo woo thing nor is it about doom and gloom type of predictions.   And what we see in the newspaper or read in the magazines does not give you the crystal clear picture of how valuable astrology can be. But false stuff is out there wrecking havoc.  So it is best to be discerning when reading about it. In fact, there are a lot of false notions about the astrological signs, planets and their expression in everyday life. If you are willing to cast aside the pre-conceived notions just for a few moments  while reading this brief article then you may open up to a world of possibilities! Everyday people use it. Billionaires use it. Businesses use it.

Astrology is an ancient sophisticated symbol system that can be used to help you on the path of self-discovery and tapping into your highest potentials. By working with the symbol system, it tends to activate both sides of the brain; the logic and intuitive. The big misconception is that planets ’cause’ things to happen or astrology is fatalistic. This is far from the truth.

Planets and stars don’t cause things to happen to us on the Earth. In fact, astrology helps you to tune into your natural rhythms or cycles of development, expansion, healing and more. In essence this wonderful self-developmental tool can assist you to gain clarity, understanding and point out your talents and strengths including your life lesson that you’ve brought  into this lifetime. By working with astrology, it will help you find the clarity you need to make informed decisions which serves your higher path and purpose in life. You don’t need to have studied astrology to receive the benefits of working with this sophisticated symbol system – you just need have an open mind/heart and willingness to explore the possibilities and potentials. Astrology is a tool which empowers you and helps you to have guidance about what’s coming up ahead in your life life – very similar to a weather forecast.

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